Need a pro-life billboard in your hometown? — Try ‘Flowers’

God gives us saints to inspire the talents and gifts of future saints… 17-year-old Alyx is a talented pro-life high school student. Here’s what Alyx says of herself on her blog:

“I serve God before man, and man before myself…” 

I found her work this morning surfing the Catholic wave… Perhaps, you know of someone who could use this artist in the battle to defend those unable to defend themselves?

Here’s my favorite from Art by Alyx

Blog Bio: Hello, I am Alyx Kopie. I am 17 years old and I am currently attending high school. This blog is meant to spread my Pro-Life Artwork and also display my other art outside my pro-life focus. My art is available for show casing at churches and pro-life events and I also do commission pieces.

Billboard Project:

Flowers This design was also done in my visual communications class. The assignment was to create a political billboard. So of course I chose the topic of abortion. I used bright colors and imagery in this design to explain the quote by Mother Teresa, that all life is beautiful. … Read More

via Art by Alyx



2 thoughts on “Need a pro-life billboard in your hometown? — Try ‘Flowers’”

  1. Thank you so much for getting my work out there! I just created this blog this morning so within the next couple days I will have many many more of my pieces up. Again thank you so much and God bless. -Alyx

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