NY billboard from unemployed greets president today — ‘I need a freakin job. Period.’

This sign greeted President Obama in Buffalo today:

From USA Today:

President Obama isn’t getting an altogether friendly welcome in Buffalo today.

Critics have put up a billboard with a New York-type of response to the 9.9 percent unemployment rate: “Dear Mr. President: I need a freakin’ job. Period. Sincerely, inafj.org.”

The INAFJ Project is the creation of Buffalo businessman Jeff Baker, who lost his small business 15 years ago.

“We employed 25 people and it was the most heartbreaking situation I’ve been through in my life,” Baker told CBS News.

(By the way, what does INAFJ stand for? Why, “I Need A Freakin’ Job,” of course.)

A more traditional critique comes via an op-ed in The Buffalo News by local Republican Congressman Chris Lee.

Lee said encouraged Obama to “really listen” to the people of western New York, and said too many presidential policies threaten to choke off economic recovery.

“We also need to recognize that Washington’s spending is linked to our economic health,” Lee wrote. “In just two more years, according to the president’s own estimates, the debt will surpass the size of our entire American economy.”



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