YouTube: Pull “The Pope Song”

Insulting to Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus Christ, and the Mother of God,  Tim Minchin’s “The Pope Song” is not simply a case of extreme vulgarity which Catholics find offensive, but can only be considered pure hate speech directed towards the religion of millions of American Christians.

According to policy, YouTube  declares that they don’t permit  Hate Speech:  “Speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity”.

Good. We hope they honor their policy.

Notwithstanding any credible allegations by media, charges filed by law enforcement officials, or for that matter arraignment and justice in a court of law, logical and unbiased persons could easily presume that Pope Benedict XVI is an innocent man. And this being the case, there is no reasonable excuse considering the derogatory content of the “The Pope Song” that it shouldn’t be quickly yanked by UTube.  

To Contact YouTube and file your courteous objections: CLICK HERE 


THE VIDEO: On Milk and Cookies /Tim Minchin official UTube Channel

THE LYRICS: On Milk and Cookies

To Contact YouTube and file your courteous objections: CLICK HERE 



9 thoughts on “YouTube: Pull “The Pope Song””

  1. On 5/1 at 3:45pm eastern time, I went to his youtube channel. I did not see this thing. Perhaps Youtube/Google are quick to respond. If I didn’t look in the proper place, please advise.

  2. You didn’t actually listen to the song, did you? I mean really, properly listen to the words and what Tim Minchin was trying to say. He was saying that if the Pope covered for paedophile priests then he is just as bad as the people he covered for. It is not in any way an attack on anyone or any group based religion. That is, of course, unless you’re saying that covering for rapists is part of the religion. Tim specifically says in the song that he has no problem with believing whatever you want.

    1. Thank you Tom for showing some common sense, I can’t stand when people start attacking things without fully understanding what they are attacking.

  3. I think there is a strove in the song about you !.
    The song is spot on I’d say and it isn’t going anywhere no matter how much crying and whining the easily offended braindead faithheads are planning on doing.

  4. He is a comedian, singer, this is what he does. you got your opinions on stuff, atheists have theres. anyway This song is about rapists, and i believe rapists are bad unless its something god has planned again. btw ‘YouTube’ not UTube ?

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