‘Oh Canada…’ Ontario Premier says Catholic schools must teach sex ed to six-year-olds


This report at 11:00pm pst: LONDON, Ont. – Complaints over a sex ed curriculum for Ontario elementary schools with lessons about same-sex marriage, masturbation and oral sex at various grade levels saw the province beat a hasty retreat Thursday, vowing to consult parents and rework the program.

The curriculum, which was to be implemented in the fall, was quietly posted on a government website months ago but blew up publicly Tuesday when Premier Dalton McGuinty confirmed the details.

While McGuinty stood behind the program initially he conceded Thursday that the government went too far and didn’t consult widely enough.

“We spent a good 24 to 48 hours now listening to parents, our caucus, and parents through our caucus, who have responded, and it’s become pretty obvious we should give this a serious rethink,” McGuinty said.

The Orate Fratres would like to thank Spirit Daily, the Institute for Canadian Values , and readers for quickly responding with coverage and support on this critical issue. But, when all was said and done, it was Catholic parents who stepped up and carried the day in defending, well, little ones like this guy…

The Institute for Canadian Values has a petition: [CLICK HERE]

TORONTO – Ontario’s Catholic schools can’t opt out of a revamped sex ed curriculum even if it goes against their religious beliefs to teach kids about masturbation and homosexuality, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Wednesday.

Several conservative and religious groups claim the changes coming this fall will corrupt young minds with “explicit” topics like anal sex. But Ontario’s Catholic premier made it clear that all public schools must teach the lessons that will start as early as age six.

“They’re part of the publicly funded school system here in Ontario and this is part of our curriculum,” McGuinty said.

“If parents are uncomfortable with certain aspects of this new curriculum, they can and they are free to withdraw their children from the classroom.”

The first changes to Ontario’s curriculum in a dozen years will see students learning about masturbation in Grade 6 and oral and anal sex at age 12.

Opponents who are mounting a campaign to get rid of the program have described the curriculum as “evil” and “bordering on criminal.” They say teaching eight-year-olds about gender identity and same-sex marriage is inappropriate and should be left up to parents.

But McGuinty – whose wife is a Catholic school teacher – said it’s a responsible way to teach kids about sex in an age where it’s easy to access information, whether it’s from their friends or the Internet. He argues that by including it in the curriculum, the government has some control over the information and can present it in an appropriate way.

Education Minister Leona Dombrowsky, a former Catholic school board trustee, noted that Ontario’s Catholic bishops have endorsed the changes. But she wouldn’t say whether schools will lose funding if they refuse to teach the new lessons.

“We do expect that schools will work with parents, and if parents would say that there is part of the curriculum that they do not want their child to receive, then they have the right to make that choice and work with the classroom teacher to accommodate that,” she said.

As the mother of four grown children, it was important to her that they had the “best and correct information on any and every issue,” Dombrowsky said.

“I think the reality is today that children are exposed to a wide range of mediums, more so than when our children were small,” she added. “We did not have the Internet when our children were small.”

Under the changes that were quietly released in January, Grade 1 kids will be taught to identify genitalia – among other body parts – using the correct word, such as penis, vagina and testicle. The 1998 curriculum made no mention of genitalia.

Grade 3 lessons about the differences that make each person unique will now also include discussion about same-sex families and students with special needs to “reflect the government commitment to equity and inclusive education,” according to provincial officials.

In Grade 5, kids will be taught to identify parts of the reproductive system and describe how the body changes during puberty. In Grade 7, they’re taught how to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

The Opposition Conservatives say McGuinty deliberately kept the new curriculum under wraps, knowing it would be an explosive issue for many parents.

“I mean, Dalton McGuinty does a press release when he has a good hair day,” said Tory Leader Tim Hudak, who has a two-year-old daughter.

“They do press releases about everything under the sun, but somehow these fundamental changes to the sex education curriculum – that will see kids as young as six years old getting sex ed – they simply tried to slip by everybody.”

The changes “don’t sit right” with the vast majority of Ontario parents and McGuinty should hold off on the changes until he gets more feedback from them, Hudak said.

But McGuinty and Dombrowsky insist parents and experts had their say during the two-year consultation process.

Not everyone opposes the changes, said New Democrat Cheri DiNovo, a former United Church minister.

“The gift of sexuality and the gift of body parts from God is a gift,” she said. “It’s a gift all children need to learn about; we all need to learn about.”

The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario and James Ryan, president of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association were not immediately available for comment about the new curriculum.



30 thoughts on “‘Oh Canada…’ Ontario Premier says Catholic schools must teach sex ed to six-year-olds”

  1. Dalton McGuinty a CINO (Catholic In Name Only) whose wife actually teaches at a publicly-funded Catholic school has backed down today on this vile proposal. I give him no credit for listening to the massive outrage and backing down; I condemn him for the vile temerity to actually introduce this in the first place. The election is in 2011.

  2. This is absolute non-sense! If such course is implemented I will personaly take my son out of the class. I will do everything in my power to protest. Adam, Sarah i’m with you guys:”OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!”

  3. As in the U.S., the idea that parents can “opt out” their children from these classes is a joke. If you keep your child out of the class, be assured the child’s classmates will be happy to fill in what was missed. There’ no “choice” here!

  4. Dalton will never get a vote from me. David is right he is a Catholic by name only.
    Hopefully people will remember what he tried to sneak in in 2011!
    Home school is sounding better all the time!

  5. I also think that Dalton in a Catholic only by name. We as parents have the privilage to teach our children about sex, moral ethics, and religion. I know better how and when to talk to my daghter about sex and I don’t volunter more information that her age can handle.

  6. Catholic schools can’t do this no matter what the government tells them. This is when we need martyrs to stand up and say, shall we obey you or God. Catholics can’t corrupt children. Somebody needs to start saying, “Hell NO!” And I mean the hell part literally.

  7. How about a course that teaches children: the areas covered by my bathing suit are NOT for my babysitter, my uncle, etc. to touch? ..ie: By Grade 1 children can be taught hygiene so as to avoid confusion. 1 in 6 men have been molested as children. Teaching children that ‘certain secrets’ should NOT be kept is USEFUL education.

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