VOTF rivals rank anti-Catholics

EDITOR: Bishops speak for the Church

This blog joins with the Catholic League in condemning the behavior of the dissident group known as Voice of the Faithful. Their continual plots against and promotion of schism within the Catholic Church in America is a sure danger to authentic Catholic faith and morals including those of our children. We desire our children to grow-up in the practice of their holy faith in union with the will of God–free from such rancorous errors in service to souls in need and the Church.

Accordingly, this family of Catholic converts entrusts to our shepherd(s), supported by our prayers, the task of protecting their futures, the future of the Church, by acting now to inform by warning Catholic faithful in America on the manifest errors Voice of the Faithful represents and actively promotes.

The story follows–

Catholic League president Bill Donohue sent the following letter to Connecticut lawmakers today:

Dear Connecticut Legislator:

Some Catholics who support H.B. 5473, the bill that eliminates the statute of limitations for cases of sexual abuse, are falsely positioning themselves as being a legitimate competitor to the voice of the bishops. No group has irresponsibly assumed this mantle of authority more than Voice of the Faithful.

To be sure, lay Catholics have a right to speak to all public policy issues that touch on the affairs of the Catholic Church. But no lay Catholic organization has the right to portray itself as a substitute to the canonical authority of the bishops. That is what Voice of the Faithful has done.

In its recent letter to you, Voice of the Faithful unjustly condemns the bishops for seeking to “mislead, mischaracterize and spin the facts in an effort to preserve their temporal, rather than spiritual, authority.” In doing so, it not only goes well beyond the pale for even a dissident Catholic organization—it betrays an animus so vile as to rival the antics of rank anti-Catholics.

Voice of the Faithful is not only financially bankrupt (a reflection of its abysmally low membership), it has shown itself to be morally bankrupt as well. Unlike loyal lay Catholic sons and daughters who support the palpable reforms made by their bishops, those who support this group have never found a reform worth cheering. In other words, nothing the bishops can ever do is enough to satisfy them.

The Catholic League respectfully asks that you weigh the real-life concerns of the bishops regarding the draconian implications of this bill. And we ask that you not be distracted by those who harbor an agenda of their own.


One thought on “VOTF rivals rank anti-Catholics”

  1. Thank you for your clear and concise explanation and chastisement of this group. As a returning Catholic the one heart ache I have had was not as I expected my fellow Baptist hurting me, but my new relationship with Christ -The Catholic Church – having a number of anti-Catholics (right) in the middle of it. We need people like you.

    On a related matter: I recently spent some time with a person who has a number of years (exceeding 15) working with mentally disturbed children. This person is very liberal and made the comment that the Catholic “patriarchal” family has created many problems for children. I asked for some data. I have yet to hear or get any data. Can you tell me where this idea originated, if there is some cause to be compelled to accept part of it, and how to address it?

    Please, please I need an answer; this person has a lot of influence where she is located and she is or was a Catholic. Can you image the impact her thoughts will have on a despondent believer on the verge of leaving; or worse yet, a believer thinking about joining the fullness of His Body

    Again, Thanks

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