The Adventures of King Küng vs God’swilla — What they’re saying…

Brian Coyne —  Catholica:

A Suggestion re Hans Küng’s Letter to the World’s Bishops…

Inspires bishops to look His Holiness or Curia officials in the eye and say boldly and confidently:

“Holy Father [or n.n.], please listen to me. The vast bulk of my people have stopped listening to what you and the Vatican have to say about most things. They stopped listening decades ago. You need to address that problem instead of only listening to this noisy minority and remnant who keep telling you what a wonderful and holy person you are and who are saying all these novenas for you. Those people are no longer the congregation we need to convince that Jesus and the Church have something worthwhile to offer the world. They are no longer the congregation that is going to secure our own salvation or impress Almighty God!”

But first, in order to gain the attention of bishops, has initiated a grass roots letter-writing campaign contest complete with a $25.00 gift voucher for the person “who can compose the best letter to a bishop that might persuade them to pay some attention to Professor Küng’s open letter…”

Bryan ConesU.S. Catholic :

Pope Benedict five years on

“Kung raises good, hard questions, but I fear his letter will fall on deaf ears. Now is the time for openness, for public discussion, and for a new beginning, but no one in power seems to have the nerve. The fact of the matter is that the church is now too large and too diverse to be run by a medieval bureaucracy in the capital of an ancient empire. The gospel and the disciples called to proclaim it deserve better…”

Hans Küng, well… on Hans Küng — National Catholic Reporter:

Ratzinger’s Responsibility

On celibacy…

“According to the latest Emnid-poll, only 10 percent of those interviewed in Germany believe that the church is doing enough in dealing with this scandal; on the contrary, 86 percent charge the church’s leadership with insufficient willingness to come to grips with the problem. The bishops’ denial that there is any connection between the celibacy rule and the abuse problem can only confirm their criticism…”

Celibacy again…

“Celibacy is not “holy”; it is not even “fortunate”; it is “unfortunate”, for it excludes many perfectly good candidates from the priesthood and forces numerous priests out of their office, simply because they want to marry. The rule of celibacy is not a truth of faith, but a church law going back to the 11th Century; it should have been abolished already in the 16th Century, when it was trenchantly criticized by the Reformers…”

Er, celibacy…

“Honesty demands that the pope, at the very least, promise to rethink this rule — something the vast majority of the clergy and laity have wanted for a long time now…”

Ahh.. forget it. Next!

Ruth Gledhill, Religion CorrespondentTimes Online:  

Father Hans Kung blames Catholic views on sex for clerical child abuse

“A leading Roman Catholic theologian has linked clerical sex abuse with priestly celibacy, blaming the Church’s “uptight” views on sex for child abuse scandals in Germany, Ireland and the US…”

“Father Hans Kung, President of the Global Ethic Foundation and professor emeritus at the University of Tübingen in Germany, said that the Church’s attitude was also revealed in its opposition to birth control…”

Voice of the Faithful — VOTF Alert: Hans Kung letter calls for 6 steps to address crisis

Dear Friends:

On Friday, April 16, noted theologian Hans Kung published an open letter to all bishops calling, among other things, for a new ecumenical council. The step was one of six Kung outlined as a response essential for the Church to recover from the current scandals and crises.

In the letter, Kung also says the “worldwide system of covering up cases of sexual crimes committed by clerics was engineered by the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ratzinger (1981-2005).”

Here is a link to the text of that letter, which was published by over the weekend: Open Letter to Bishops by Hans Kung

More tomorrow…

Title H/T Rev. Dennis Brown



4 thoughts on “The Adventures of King Küng vs God’swilla — What they’re saying…”

  1. Reading these and the Open Letter to Bishops by Hans Kung make me want to weep for my Lord and His Church. How I wish all the rebels could just be excommunicated. St. Michael the Archangel defend us and Our Holy Father in battle against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

    1. Nancy–

      It most certainly is spiritual evil that has led the baptized to plot against the Church. Consider the contradiction present during Holy Mass when these same fall to their knees begging, “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed…”.

      Really, Nancy, this is the source of our shared sorrow for Our Lord in this time; as really, what they are truly saying (and doing) is this: “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, yet still , bless us as we plot against your church, your body..

      Fidelity to Peter and the Magisterium, prayer(s) in the practice of our faith, and exposing such works of darkness will in the end bring them to nought, and we to Heaven… And to think: By the Power of God A Woman will triumph in the end over all such madness. Until then, the battle continues on…. Yes, Pray for us St. Michael, and pray for these above that they my be released from such a destructive spirit.

      Thanks for responding Nancy. Have a great day,


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