‘Flamin’ Pawtucket Pat’ Kennedy: If only he’d be this zealous on behalf of the unborn…

Afghanistan: 3 Billion dollars and 1,016 lives lost since 2001…  Try 49,551,703 in the U.S. since 1973…


It’s sorta like saying, “I saw Hendrix at Woodstock” when really you didn’t; or again, “I marched with Reverend King in Selma”, and didn’t. .. So it was with Rep. Patrick Kennedy yesterday when lashing out on the war in Afghanistan:

“Now someone–I can’t believe I even heard this–said, “Oh, I can’t go to a funeral and tell the parents of someone who just died that they lost their child in vain.”, somewhere I heard that during the Vietnam war…””

Rep. Kennedy was born on July 14th, 1967. American involvement in Vietnam ended on January 27th, 1973. Now, as I see it, there’s three possibilities: 

  1. Reincarnation
  2. Magic time machine, or,
  3. Extrasensory perception both in the womb and as a 51/2-year-old little boy

Somewhere, indeed.  

Now, if only he’d pray for extra spiritual-perception and become this zealous on behalf of the unborn dead and dying children in this country…



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