Sins Against Nature: Dutch Gay Activists Protest at Cathedral over Communion Refusal

 “Homosexuals are welcome in the church. But we ask practicing homosexuals not to take part in communion out of respect for the sacrament…”

Fr. Geertjan van Rossem


‘S-HERTOGENBOSCH, Netherlands, March 1, 2010 ( – Hundreds of homosexual activists flocked to Mass at St. John’s Cathedral in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) on Sunday to challenge the bishop for his support of a priest in Reusel who denied Communion to an openly practicing homosexual.

The protesters joined the Mass wearing pink triangles, and some came dressed in pink wigs and gowns.  Most of the throng walked out, shouting and singing, during the homily, which was given by Fr. Geertjan van Rossem.

“Homosexuals are welcome in the church. But we ask practising homosexuals not to take part in communion out of respect for the sacrament,” he said, according to

Gijs Vermeulen

Anticipating the protest, the diocese announced that Communion would not be distributed.  In his homily, Fr. van Rossem explained that he was “compelled by conscience” to not offer Communion because it would be a “grave sacrilege” that the Holy Eucharist would become an object of protest and demonstration.  Instead, he urged the congregation to make a spiritual communion.

The protest was organized by local politicians and various homosexualist organizations in the country after a smaller protest had been carried off at Sunday Mass in Reusel the week before.  They were protesting the decision of the pastor, Fr. Luc Buyens, to withhold Communion from Gijs Vermeulen,  who had flaunted his homosexuality leading up to his participation in the town’s annual pre-Lenten carnival as its prince.

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3 thoughts on “Sins Against Nature: Dutch Gay Activists Protest at Cathedral over Communion Refusal”

    1. As a Catholic myself, I find it shameful that we have continued this antiquated bigotry against valuable members of our faith community for so long. It is time for the Church to recognize the contribution of modern science in this regard – people are born gay in the same way that people are born straight. It is not a lifestyle choice, it is a fact of nature. The Church is alienating and closing its doors to human beings just like you and I who have God-given sexual urges just like you and I. By blatantly withholding this Sacrament, the Church is promulgating an image precisely opposite to that which it seeks to foster: one of judgment in the face of diversity, and fear in the face equality.

      I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in learning more about this pertinent issue read Myers and Scanzoni`s, What God has Joined Together: The Christian Case for Gay Marriage. Or make a gay friend and then ask yourself whether you believe that he or she deserves an active participation in Church life through the Sacraments, in union with a congregation that recognizes him/ her as an equally worthy being.

      1. I’m sorry Treehugger, the Catholic Medical Association Refutes the Myth that Homosexuality is Genetic…

        “A number of researchers have sought to find a biological cause for same-sexual attraction. The media have promoted the idea that a “gay gene” has already been discovered… but, in spite of several attempts, none of the much-publicized studies… has been scientifically replicated.

        A number of authors have carefully reviewed these studies and have found that not only do the studies not prove the genetic basis for same-sex attraction; the reports do not even contain such claims…

        “If same-sex attraction were genetically determined, then one would expect identical twins to be identical in their sexual attractions. There are, however, numerous reports of identical twins who are not identical in their sexual attractions.”
        Source: Homosexuality and Hope (Catholic Medical Association, 2000) p. 2. See also Gerard J. M. van den Aardweg, The Battle for Normality (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1997) p. 25.

        Further, the Church does not condemn homosexuals or their urges, but in fact, welcomes them. It is the homosexual act itself that is gravely disordered, a true act against nature, and thus, sinful.

        The Church, in withholding the source and summit of salvation and life, is not promulgating any other image than that of our true natural and spiritual realitiy as human beings created in the image of God; nature’s God, Who said, “Go, be fruitful and multiply.” This, your parent’s did according to the very same Divine Word. Surely you can see that the Church is only promulgating what has been divinely revealed concerning procreation in the generation of humans from the beginning.

        No, the Church is not being judgemental or fearful in the face of either diversity or equality, only faithful and realistic in proclaiming the diversity of sins modern men commit and then try and defend through weak moral arguments.

        Yes, “what God has joined together” is exactly the point. Noticeably missing in the title concerning marriage, however, are the divine words, “Let no man put asunder…”

        Your marriage equality argument is an argument with God, Who views it differently…

        I promise to pray for your enlightenment, and for all men, that they may be found worthy–homosexual, straight, or otherwise.


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