Whose ‘Dove of Peace’?

Whose ‘Dove of Peace’?

By STEVE LINDE 26/02/2010 03:19

Is a Jerusalem dentist’s prized painting a Picasso or the work of a troubled Israeli artist?

In his Jerusalem dental clinic, Dr. Michel Rote has a beautiful, simple-line, Picasso-esque Dove of Peace sketch that faces his patients. It is signed by Pablo Picasso. And when Rote bought it in Paris, he was assured it was a Picasso. But he has long been wondering whether it is really the work of little-known Israeli artist Shalom Reiser.
Rote brought the picture with him when he made aliya in 1983.
“I purchased it in France and told myself that one day I would hang it in my office in Israel,” Rote said this week, looking up at the picture. “Then one day, an old man was referred to me through a social worker for dental work, and he sat in the chair and told me, ‘Picasso didn’t draw that. I did.’”

GET THE REST OF THE STORY HERE: Whose ‘Dove of Peace’?

SOURCE: Jerusalem Post



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