Diocese of Green Bay to Gamaliel Groups: “The end does not justify the means”

 SOURCE: Post Crescent

Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay tells Fox Valley interfaith groups politics not a factor in call to sever ties

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay said Wednesday partisan politics played no role in its decision to call for two Fox Valley interfaith groups to sever their ties from their state organization. Bishop David Rikken sent a letter Saturday to ESTHER of the Fox Valley and JOSHUA of Green Bay asking them to make the move and calling a meeting with Catholic members of the two groups in March.

In the letter, Ricken says ESTHER and JOSHUA’s affiliation with WISDOM, the state umbrella organization of interfaith groups, is problematic because WISDOM is affiliated with the Gamaliel Foundation, a national group whose strategies run counter to Catholic teachings.

“The end does not justify the means,” the Very Rev. John Doerfler, the diocese’s vicar general and chancellor, told The Post-Crescent on Wednesday.

He declined to specify what exactly Gamaliel, a Chicago-based national organization, has done that the diocese disagrees with. The diocese has no plans to discuss the matter publicly until Bishop David Ricken meets in March with the two groups’ Catholic leaders to talk about their membership. Catholic churches make up half of the membership of ESTHER (Empowerment Solidarity Truth Hope Equality Reform) and JOSHUA (Justice Organization Sharing Hope & United for Action).

The focus of the groups’ work is to advocate for health care reform, affordable housing, rehabilitation for non-violent offenders instead of imprisonment, and fair treatment for immigrants. Depending on how the meetings unfold, the diocese might convene a meeting with the nonCatholic members.

“That would be my hope, that we go forward in engaging and discussion,” Doerfler said.

Members of the interfaith groups huddled Wednesday night to reflect and talk about the bishop’s objectives. They remain stunned by what they consider the diocese’s sudden move to pull out of WISDOM without warning that diocesan leaders were concerned about its affiliation with the Gamaliel Foundation.


Excerpt from 2009 report, ‘Alinskyian Organizing Linked To Abortion Movement’, by Stephanie Block on The Orate Fratres: 

Gamaliel is part of the Health Care for America Now coalition that includes several [other] Alinskyian organizing networks, such as ACORN, as well as some pro-abortion groups like the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. 

The following video is a Gamaliel sponsored event wherein participants prayed to Barack Obama shortly after his election.

President Obama and his most current Healthcare proposal would require U.S. taxpayer funded killing of innocent unborn children through abortion….




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