Mock Vestment: First U.K. Catholic Woman Priest — video

‘Can wrong be right?’

Body Language — Wringing hands; rubbing fingers: Nervousness; anxiety; uncertainty. Subconscious scrubbing away sin…


Catholic Truth Scotland has its combox open on the subject of their first U.K. Woman Priest. Here’s one insightful comment I snatched off the blog from Stuart:

“This organization claims that in the early Church, deaconesses were ordained well have a look at this quote ladies….

“Similarly, in regard to the deaconesses, as with all who are enrolled in the register, the same procedure is to be observed. We have made mention of the deaconesses, who have been enrolled in this position, although, not having been in any way ordained, they are certainly to be numbered among the laity” (Council of Nicea. Canon 19 [A.D. 325]).””



One thought on “Mock Vestment: First U.K. Catholic Woman Priest — video”

  1. When I was a little boy I wanted to be a priest. I made vestments out of old sheets, made a altar and played saying mass. These women are playing at beings priests just like I was when I was a kid. The only differance was at 9 years old I knew I was not a priest.

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