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“Servant of All”

 The Cause for canonization

The Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation is the official promoter of the Cause for the Canonization of Archbishop Sheen.  It is the goal of the Foundation to introduce a new generation to the holy priest, missionary and communicator, Fulton J Sheen, and to move the Church to proclaim him a saint.

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The Cause for canonization « Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen


7 thoughts on “Archbishop Fulton Sheen: Cause for canonization website”

  1. FOr many years I’ve suffered from a spinal cord injury–I can’t tell you how much Bishop Sheen’s tv programs and books have helped me…what he did in the early days of tv was nothing short of miraculous. Is there a prayer I can see to him–not for physical healing. I’m actually better off than most people with my injury. But I do need some financial help just now….could you send me such a prayer if there is one? GOd bless.

    peter wilson

  2. Hello, e has always stood apart from anyone I have ever known or heard…divinely inspired and full of the charisms of the Church triumphant…he had the truth of God in his soul as beautiful as the music of Mozart….we need his example as the Man of the 20th century along with Pope John Paul and Ronald Reagan…JMJ Evelyn

  3. Did I read that Bishop Sheen will not be considered to Sainthood? If so why, and what was the reason?

    Thank you in advance!
    I grew up with Bishop Sheen, and have all available CDs and DVDs
    A true Man of God!

  4. As citizens of the United States raised in the 1940’s and 50’s we all know and were acquainted with the name Fulton Sheen. I was raised by my Father, a professor of Biblical theological history. It was at a Protestant Traditional New England Congregationalist inter-denominaltional, non-denominational Protestant, (with some other faiths attending as students,) Christian Theological Seminary. This school served/featured itself as a location for furloughed (every 5 years one year’s break to re-charge) field, foreign missionaries and their children of many Christian denominations.

    This is a prologue to the fact that I was, even without a TV in our house, aware that many of the children I went to a public neighborhood school were from devout Roman Catholic families and watched his show. WE all shared awareness of the Fulton Sheen Show, and the fact that the ideas and concepts he raised were respected by all of our families who had Televisions or discussed what was on TV. He served to set examples for moral discussions, etc. to us as children. In this effort (outreach) he had reached across to Jewish families (from my personal experience) who all gathered around the television to watch and listen. I am proud that on “EWTN” Fr. Connor is presenting a thoughtful, insightful, and educated review of the real impact of his life shown by Rev. Sheen’s faithful courage to present the Christian faith to everyone. In this FR. Sheen upheld the idea in the NT that we, who are BELIEVERS, must not be ashamed of the GOSPEL…and be, as he was, proud to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He presented it to endless numbers of THOSE fallen away from church attendance, THOSE never educated in the Christian Faith, often making them part of the number who came to the message of Christian obedience unto conversion, then Salvation. Unknown names and faces of the countless he touched with his savvy message format for Christ. These countless, some of which, must have lived and died covered by Bishop’s teachings of Jesus Christ… possibly Saved from Eternal Perdition as a result of Fulton Sheen’s courageous intercession through the then brand-new medium of Television. He was gifted and lead by the Holy Spirit. In his fearless treading on the yet untrodden pathways of Telvision production, so skilled by his faithful daily obedience to Christ, that he accomplished what none had ever done before…taught difficult to frame ideas of the Divine Creator Spirit from the Scriptures through the visual airwaves to millions of SOULS. As a result he was able to popularize abstract concepts as program content. Not to mention, his use of as yet unharnessed techniques of lighting and staging, use of a live audience, etc… . Yes, he should be Sainted for that. Why? To continune and keep the ongoing flow of blessing on the U.S.A’s Television Industry’s use of electronic visual media. Why? Especially to fight the spiritual war against a rising culture of acceptance of death and its massive spreading and cash-in on Sinful activities. Monies earned by the 80% of TV visual programming which is unsavory! For this alone he should (hopefully will) be credited with and counted among the miracles required for Canonization and resultant Sainthood. He represented the invisible, but discernable presence of the HOLY SPIRIT over our LAND…”Ps 91″ ONE NATION UINDER GOD” to dispel and substitute for Satan, the “prince of the air.” Archbishop Sheen, the Prelate without a specific diocese, was and is the “Prince of the Airwaves.” I lift up any TV network, such as “EWTN” insightful enough to rerun his programs with educated introductions. I pray for his “Blessedness,then Canonization.”Amen.

  5. I remember attending a Mass said in Rochester, New York by Bishop Sheen. It was quite a moment for me. He had such a wonderful presence. I will pray for his Canonization.

  6. It was stated on a religous site that the cause was temporarily paused because of a conflict between Peoria and New York. It is now going forward. Spellman and Sheen had plenty of antagonism. It appears that Spellman didn’t like the attention given to Sheen.

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