Mississippi Burning for Equal Rights: Pro-Life Petition Puts Abortion on 2011 Ballot

‘Definition of “person” would essentially make abortion illegal…’


Personhood Mississippi, a pro-life activist group, has gotten enough signatures to force a vote on the definition of the term “person” on the 2011 ballot.

The group presented more than the 89,285 signatures required by the Secretary of State’s Office to put an issue on the ballot. They hope that they can get the term “person” to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, which would essentially make abortion illegal.
“February 16 will be an historic day for the state of Mississippi,” said Personhood Amendment sponsor Les Riley. “The people of Mississippi have made a clear statement with their signatures – it is time that all humans are valued as people, not as property.”
The vote on the term “person” centers around the abortion battle. The proposal is championed by Lt. Governor Phil Bryant who assisted in Personhood Mississippi’s campaign.

SOURCE: Pro-Life Petition Puts Abortion on 2011 Ballot – Jackson



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