Just What Europe ‘Doesn’t’ Need… Laicised Priest To Lecture Priests and Teachers in Glasgow – Courtesy of the Archdiocese…

From Catholic Truth – Scotland:

St Aloysius has organised a special study day on 20th April with the world (in)famous dissenter, Professor Thomas Groome from the Jesuit University, Boston College, U.S.A.

The study day is titled, “To Teach as Jesus Did: Handing on the Faith in the 21st Century”. This day is for priests, teachers and catechists and is being “supported” by the Archdiocese of Glasgow and the Scottish Catholic Education Service, which, we presume, means they’re paying for it using your money. Else, who’s paying for Professor Groome’s flights and accommodation? And the rest?

The cost is £75 so it’s not inexpensive to hand your Faith away – still, the clergy and teachers can afford it.

In the evening Professor Groome will talk in St. Aloysius’ Church at 7.30pm on “What Keeps Us Catholic?”. This lecture is free. At least they’re not charging the rest of us, to rob us of our beloved Catholic Faith.  Something, I suppose…

The irony of the title of Professor Groome’s evening lecture will not be lost on those who understand his systematic and very public dissent from many Church teachings. A dissent which you can read about if you click here

As you’ll have noted, in the link above, Archbishop Pell banned Groome’s books from being used in Catholics schools over there in Aussie-land, and forbade their sale in his churches. No such concerns here, though, since Groome’s books, we’re reliably informed, have been on the shelves of our teacher training college in Glasgow for quite some time.

We urge you to write to Archbishop Conti to complain about this misuse of funds, not to mention his abuse of your trust.  The buck stops with him. It’s his archdiocese.  He has approved this scandal which no doubt includes the use of Church funds to pay for it. We need to probe that (and we will) but there seems little, if any doubt, that “supporting” these scandalous lectures on how to lose the Catholic Faith (or what’s left of it in Glasgow) means that the archdiocese is coughing up the cash.

There are still, incredibly, some parents who send their children to Catholic schools in the expectation that they will be taught the Faith or, minimally, not be given a distorted version of it.  To pay for a man to come from the other end of the world to preach heresy and dissent, or to, in any way whatsoever, “support” his efforts, is to quite deliberately betray that trust. Let us be clear. The ridiculous claim that the archbishop probably doesn’t know about Groome’s dissent, just doesn’t stand up to examination – in that case, he’s in the wrong job:  it’s his duty to know. Everybody else knows. Nobody else is that ignorant. Thank goodness for “everybody” and “nobody” – don’t know where we’d be without them. Whatever which way you look at it, Archbishop Conti is slap, bang, wollop in the middle of the circle where it says “blame”.

Without delay, please write to:

Archbishop Mario Conti, 40 Newlands Road, Glasgow, G43 2JD

And don’t forget to tell him that you will not put another penny in any collection plate in the archdiocese, until you have his personal assurance that this proposed lecture(s) will not take place. The sheer cheek of it.  The brass neck! 


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