BREAKING — Australian Cardinal George Pell: Heart Trouble in Rome?

Prayers for Pell…

From ‘way down under the belt’ in Australia comes this uncharitable report found on Brian Coyne’s Catholica  site on possible heart troubles for Australian Excellency Cardinal George Pell…

This has just come in from a source:

This is TOO weird!

I just went to google the two words pell and pacemaker and it gave me this reference:

The Journey of a Bishop: On Winter Travel – Sts. Timothy and Titus …

26 Jan 2010 by Archbishop Terry
Cardinal Pell, our chair, had a pacemaker installed at the Gemelli Hospital after having difficulties on arrival in Rome. All of us are in fine form. Prayers for all my readers from the Eternal City; please pray for us. …
The Journey of a Bishop – – References

but when I went into the actual blog, Archbishop Terry (Prendergast SJ of Ottawa) has altered his text, removing the reference to Pell altogether:

The Vox Clara committee started sessions today and are looking toward clearing up our work and awaiting from the Congregation for Divine Worship the final product after everyone’s input has been processed by them.

All of us are in fine form, though several are unable to attend for various reasons. Prayers for all my readers from the Eternal City; please pray for us.

It would appear Pell’s a bit sensitive about his pacemaker – perhaps because it might affect his chances of a Rome job?!


Here’s more brotherly concern from a reader on Catholica…

Seems like, sorta (Main Forum)

by Alan , ‘Between Joy and Paradise, Texas’, Friday, February 05, 2010, 06:16 (2 hours, 43 minutes ago) @ Brian Coyne

Seems like having a pacemaker could make him even more valuable in Rome. Just think! If he steps out of line or dares think for himself [from what I’ve read not likely lol!] or isn’t quick enough to profess his blind devotion, the PTB discretely pushes a remote button and the pacemaker stops for a beat or three — just enough to remind him of who is REALLY in charge — and then goes back to normal.

What an effective way to remind one of where one’s allegiance lies!


Just goes to show that so-called self-proclaimed “Thinking Catholic’s” might want to concentrate a bit more on the heart instead of by gone days of rage…

Here’s the screen shot referenced in the report:



2 thoughts on “BREAKING — Australian Cardinal George Pell: Heart Trouble in Rome?”

  1. It’s all very well to disagree with Coyne’s ecclesiastical politics, but this doesn’t address why the Archbishop of Ottawa blogged that Pell had a pacemaker put in (they were attending the same Vox Clara meeting in Rome) when Pell’s ‘aide’ Danny Casey denies that Pell was even in hospital!

  2. Perhaps his Ottawan Grace, with candour and no ill intenet, impinged on the good Cardinal’s privacy.

    That said, a public comment along the lines that ” His Eminence is thankful for the prayers and goodwishes, and, having returned to hsi duties, hopes that these prayers are extended to all in his flock who are unwell or recovering.”

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