Only Vikings fans could appreciate this one… Well, okay, maybe the Colts would’ve too.


6 Fumbles, 2 Interceptions…

Saints 31 – Vikings 28 

Plus, would we really want to know the outcome of the final scores below? 

  • Jan. 11, 1970 – Super Bowl IV – Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7 The Chiefs, who entered the game as 13-point underdogs, took advantage of 5 Vikings turnovers…
  • Jan. 13, 1974 – Super Bowl VIII – Miami 24, Minnesota 7 2 fumbles, 1 interception by the Vikes…
  • Jan. 12, 1975 – Super Bowl IX – Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6The Vikings had 5 turnovers…
  • Jan. 9, 1977 – Super Bowl XI – Oakland 32, Minnesota 10With 2nd down and goal on the Raiders 2-yard-line Brent McClanahan fumbled the ball away and the Raiders never looked back.
  • Feb. 7, 2009 – Super Bowl XLIV – Indianapolis __ , Minnesota __

Note: The Minnesota Vikings are tied with the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos for most losses in the Super Bowl (4). Of the three, only Denver has won a Super Bowl.


Pic Credit: Getty


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