Sheep to Shepherd: Pagan! — Thiberville in english (Video)


Thiberville, France: Father Michel Vs. Bishop Nourrichard 


 Remember, this was Holy Mass, and all of Heaven was present…


NOTE: If english subtitles don’t appear, click bottom right red button 


EDITOR NOTE: As a 12-year convert to Catholicism I’ve found the “Old Mass” Vs. “New Mass” battle long baffling. I’ve had to explore and educate myself and family on many “breaks” born of Vatican II reforms within the Church. My conclusion on this particular subject, (and I will be teaching my children the same), is that there really isn’t any break at all when it comes to this portion of our sacramental liturgy. Both forms of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass come to us equally through the same Spirit of God, are the source and summit of all worship due God on earth, and remain one-in-the-same rite.

This I believe is the bottom-line when it comes to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, and the unity it offers. And the sooner this unity, or better put, ” this oneness” is authentically accepted and put into practice by clergy and laity alike, the sooner peace and beauty will prevail within our hearts and within the Church of God…

The evidence is easily discovered, “Continuity within true reform” exists, has always existed, and is real spiritually and bodily–just as Jesus Christ, Himself, is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  To deny this, is to allow oneself  to be taken prisoner by the past over the one Latin Rite. Ironically, and as I suspect, to the silent pleasure of the Devil Himself, my sideline view reveals to me that such prisoner souls are willing to jump ship on both sides of the argument over the practice of their faith, even to the point of excommunication–formally or self-imposed. But, it matters very little to the Devil about your long or short-term historical view or favorite flavor of reform if it has led to such imprisonment–His only concern is that you remain so.  

The Moto Proprio is the key and divine gift offered to the Church for the sake of unity in the truth we each share in. I don’t say this as either a Novus Ordonista or Tradiosupremist, but only as a Catholic realist in union with the Pope and his teaching magisterium. Both forms are valid and holy and need be equally loved, respected, and practiced with due solemnity according to the will of Pope Benedict XVI within Summorum Pontificum.

With a bit of investigation, it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that the parish at Thiberville, France, represents Summorum Pontificum in action. Both forms are equally loved, respected, and practiced with due solemnity and the faith is flourishing as the rest of Catholic France falls into greater apostasy and loss of faith. Every Catholic concerned for the Church, the spread of the Gospel, and salvation of souls, should support the parish at Thiberville and Summorum Pontificum.   

If there is no break found within both forms of the one rite, (and there isn’t), the same cannot be said of obedience and charity expected of Christians found within the videos above. This English translation of the events in Thiberville was sent to me by a reader [HERE] and I agree with Fr. Z over on WDTPRS , this was truly “ugly”.



One thought on “Sheep to Shepherd: Pagan! — Thiberville in english (Video)”

  1. Dear Editor, With reference to your article on the two rites of Mass: I too am a convert since 1974, and have noticed the dreadful fruits of the man-made….yes I say man-made ‘new’ Mass. Dreadful fruits cannot come from the good tree. God has allowed this for the sorting… is in Catholic Prophecy. Read Yves Dupont, Catholic Prophecy, the Coming Chastisement. One stands out in my mind, Page 53, from a Sister of the Nativity, Jeanne le Royer. Only by following Our Lord’s advice to look at the fruits does the awful Truth become apparent. Pray the Rosary, read this book (not necessarily the opinions of the author), but the prophecies themselves. God Bless.

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