“All year we have speculated that the fading out of the late Teddy Kennedy was weakening the chances for a robust health care bill in the Senate. But who would have thought the special election to select his successor would put even the compromised version of that bill in mortal danger?”

National Public Radio

Only one question remains: ‘Will he risk the whole fleet?’ 

Konrad Yakabuski, Washington — Globe and Mail  

It’s the kind of brutal reversal of fortune that can alter the course of a presidency. From charmed to cursed in a Boston minute.

The Democrat’s stunning defeat Tuesday night in the Massachusetts Senate race that should have been a cakewalk comes barely 14 months after Barack Obama carried the state by 26 percentage points.

The first casualty, after Mr. Obama’s once golden-boy image, risks being his health-care reform package. Unless he pulls a fast one and gets Congress to pass a final health-care bill before the 41st Republican Senator is sworn into office, a year’s worth of hard labour and compromises looks like it’s about to go down the drain.

There is little doubt about who’s to blame. The special Senate election was less of a contest between two starkly different candidates – one a telegenic former Cosmo centerfold turned fiscal conservative, the other an all-too-serious but accomplished Hillary-like liberal – than it was a referendum on Mr. Obama’s first year in the White House.

And Mr. Obama lost. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs described the President as “Surprised and frustrated. Not pleased.”

From here on in, his presidency will reflect it. With another seat in the Senate, the Republicans have all the votes they need to thwart almost any piece of Democratic legislation and they vow to do just that. Presidents normally only become lame ducks in the final year of their second term. But given the hyper-partisanship of Mr. Obama’s Washington, that could now change…

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