Haiti… 7.3 — List of known reliable charities responding



View of quake readings on a drum seismograph. A US government agency on Tuesday issued a tsunami warning for countries bordering the Caribbean sea, after a powerful 7.3 quake rocked Haiti. NOTE: Warning was recinded 1 hour later.


As of now, here are some of the charities that we know are responding and that are asking for your financial support:

  • Operation USA – sending medical aid, water purification supplies, food supplements
  • American Red Cross – has begun to send supplies and has pledged $200,000 in assistance, it is seeking additional funds
  • Direct Relief International – emergency aid is being offered to its partners in Haiti to support their response to the quake
  • World Vision and CARE– both are assessing the situation to determine the proper emergency response
  • Convoy of Hope – is establishing an emergency command center just outside the city of Port-au-Prince where food, water and supplies will be distributed to victims

An extended list of charities working in Haiti and reviewed by Charity Navigator can be found on our site by accessing our Interactive World Map.

And remember to follow our Tips for Giving In Times Of Crisis and our guide for Protecting Yourself From Online Scams to help ensure that your gift gets to those who need it the most.

CREDIT: (AFP/File/Nicolas Asfouri)



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