My Hitchcockian Son


Alfred Hitchcock is famous for making brief cameo appearances in 41 films he directed. My son Parrish attends Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. He currently has a media arts internship, and the following video is from Pacific Productions, the student video production group. My wife called me in tonight to watch the promo Parrish directed, and I was admiring his work when I noticed a familar, but, freakish sight enter the frame, my son… 

Hitchcock misses the bus in North By Northwest, starring Cary Grant…

My son Parrish wearing what can only be best described as an Angela Davis look-alike wig and paint ball shirt…

(pause at 1.30 – 1.31) 

Hey buddy, here’s a heads up, (so to speak), you might want to check that hair piece for bird nests… 



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