(Video) The Battle of Thiberville — Rainbow vested bishop jeered at by angry parishioners




Fr. Anthony Chadwick on episcopal bullying:

“The issue in Evreux is very simple. The parish priest has been in office for more than twenty years, and truly is the pastor of his people. This is stability, a relationship of trust and love built up over many years. This year, we celebrate the Curé d’Ars in a special way, remembering that he was in his parish for more than forty years. Stability has always been important in the spirituality of Benedictine monks and in the life of parishes. The pastoral method now preferred by diocesan bishops is that no priest should be in a parish for more than five or six years, and is to be moved to other parishes to be merely at the beck and call of a team of lay administrators. This prevents a priest from being able to build up a relationship with the faithful, and, above all, leaves the Bishop with a greater degree of control. The latter approach is motivated by a theory of the Church portrayed by the analogy of a pilgrimage. The stability of a priest, vital in country parishes, has no place in this vision of flux and disturbance. Unfortunately, the Bishop is taking this aspect out of context, and his vision of a “pilgrim church” is destroying parochial Catholicism. The ideology fails to provide a real pastoral solution.”

The following video/story was captured on the Spanish blog Santa Englesia Militante. The video is in French, and the story (Spanish) has been roughly translated through Google…

Some comments:  The photo of Bishop Christian Nourrichard above was taken on a pilgrimage, and the shirt appears to be a gift from the locals, along with the bottled beverage. As for the video below, two thoughts come to mind. The first, considering the powder-keg situation and traditional culture, why on earth wear rainbow vestments? Ignorance or intentional? The second, watch carefully as the two women berate the bishop, the church empties out behind them… Bizarre! One last word–Scandal, Consider the children’s reaction on their faces as this terrible scene plays out before them…  


Google Translate — Spanish

Bishop Christian Nourrichard, the modernist bishop of Evreux, France, has dismissed as pastor of the church of Saint-Taurin, the people of Thibervilleal, Fr Francis Michel, who celebrates the Traditional Mass – which, much, dislike the Bishop …

Notice in the following video reportage de France 3 the altar and the traditional ornaments used by the P. Francis Michel –el destituido párroco-. Francis Michel, the deposed pastor.


 Moreover, when displayed as they are, these characters more easily provoke the awakening of the catholic and healthy fighting spirit of the faithful. As has happened here, congratulations.

The attitude of the bishop caused the unjustified reaction of the faithful. Yesterday (3-1-2010) the archbishop appeared in the church next to the new recently appointed pastor at the inauguration of the parish, and had to retire before the booing of parishioners, as shown in this video:

 Worst attitude seems that of the bishops who silently and stealthily, for example, send their assistants to “squeeze” mafia which the priests who held the Tridentine Mass, extorting measures similar to this, or other … Speaking of bishops, a happy Cardinal Bergoglio new year.

You can see also the warm applause that receives the Father Michel and, as we said, the boos and other samples just dislikes Nourrichard Christian Bishop (photo).

In brief footage of the video and give us an idea of what this bishop that rainbow dress, making his entrance with two altar boys …

Comment: I think there is something to be said “for” the obispucho: not hypocritically conceals his modernist and sectarian hatred towards the Tridentine Mass, the Mass as usual, the Mass of the saints. If you are an agent of hell, which I know all that goes …

SOURCES: Secretum Meum Mihi, Surge, Propera, The Stork Tower, Tradi News, France 3, Le Parisien, Kerknet, Fratres. Otros: Diócesis de Évreux . Others: Diocese of Evreux. And what I say about this link …?



25 thoughts on “(Video) The Battle of Thiberville — Rainbow vested bishop jeered at by angry parishioners”

  1. To Caroline and LeonG

    Some Points:

    1. It’s not a Homosexual issue, the vestments merely inflamed (no pun intended) the situation. The rainbow vestment was a side-note to this story and not a condemnation of the Bishop, (at least on this site). The people love their priest, their longstanding form of worship, and the situation was handled wrong.

    2. Rome did intervene, with the new Papal Nuncio to France.

    3. As for the Motu Proprio on The Latin Mass. The situation in France turned into a international story. This was the reason for the Papal Nuncio’s involvement I presume. The parish priest celebrates both forms in accord with Pope Benedicts desire for the Moto Proprio. And so, don’t be surprised if the Holy Father takes this opportunity to assert his authority as an example.

    4. As it stands, the Bishop has not revoked his order for change at the parish, but, has only backed off until Rome makes a decision.

    Hope that helps, and Caroline, I’m sorry if you feel offended, and hope you do return to my site for viewing…

    With prayers for you both, and with sure knowledge and trust that the Sacred Heart will overcome all this, let us remember the destined homeland we shall each share in together after such sorrows… Peace.


  2. Dear all,

    Good to see that this story has travelled the ocean ! This is unfortunately only one example out of dozens linked to the implementation of the Motu Proprio in France!

    Just a word regarding the rainbow chasuble: it is the one selected by Pope JPII for the WYD in Paris… so, although it is ugly, nothing to see with any gay symbol ! Nevertheless, I can confirm that, even in France, Hawaï-style shirts have never been part of the authorized ecclesiastic dressing code!!!

    Finally, as the annual anti-abortion demonstration will take place in Paris next Sunday, thanks in ad for being with us in spirit and prayers!

  3. As a card-carrying Roman Catholic, who has never changed his views or his Mass in his life, I can truly understand the outrage felt by the congregation, knowing the French people a little, especially since the bishop had the audacity to wear such a provocative chasuble/ Cope ?, I couldn’t see properly, a garment displaying the international symbol of homosexuals, the “Rainbow”. I hope it didn’t mean what I think it meant. Was it just a coincidence ?

    Nothing WHATSOEVER can excuse the absolutely wicked behaviour of the rabble inside the Church. These misguided people must remember that a Catholic church is a consecrated place, the house of our Dear Lord and Master Jesus Christ, not a place for shouting and screaming at someone who you do not like, whether or not your feelings are justified. It is not the house of the resident priest, Abbe Michel or of the ordinary, Monseigneur Christian Nourrichard, it is the house of God and all must remember it. Without fail.

    I think I saw a monstrance on the altar, I just hope that the Blessed Sacrament was not reserved in this church, Our Dear Lord has enough to suffer from Atheists, Communists, Muslims and many others, including those who call themselves Catholics, without being subjected to shouting and screaming from a rabble-rousing mob like this in a Catholic church, before a consecrated bishop of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do not know much about this bishop, but if he conforms to the French stereotype, he would have a hard job convincing me of his correct exercise of authority.

    I also saw mention of the Old Mass, which might explain something of the misguided fervour of the mob, definitely not a congregation.

    If you object to what is being said by a priest, a bishop, or anyone else speaking officially in a church, get up from your seat, genuflect and get out. That is what I have always done and it works, don’t descend to the level of the gutter like these people in Thiberville. Take the bishop on afterwards, if you can, if not, avoid that church and that bishop.

    For my part I believe it is better to remain calm, rational and controlled and respectful in the house of God, dedicated to worship and prayer, rather than to participate vicariously in an unseemly demonstration inside the house of God, no matter how righteous I might feel.

    As a veteran of defending the Mass of All Time, I believe you are greatly in error in supporting these disgraceful people, these so-called Catholics
    In Domino


  4. Actually, it’s our own fault that the rainbow has lost it’s meaning as described in the Scriptures. We allowed it to be hyjacked. We need to take it back to it’s real meaning. those who know their scriptures know what that means.

    As far as the Motu Proprio is concerned, people look at the document without its accompanying letter.

    As for modernism, many need to look up the meaning. It does not have anything to do with style, but rather the use of science and reason over revelation.

    I personally celebrate the Novus Ordo because I am not talented with the Latin language and I want the peole to understand every word of the Holy Mass. I am conservative. But I am not a sensationalist. That is the biggest divisive tool of the Evil One.

  5. Wow, I would hope my Children never see a Bishop treated like that. There is Scandal going both ways. In this century Rainbow vestments mean very different things from what they might have meant in days gone by.

    But to treat a Bishop like that? Wow!!! Both the laity and the Bishop showed complete lack of Judgement. Scandal, scandal

  6. A terrible situation, I’ve heard that the young altar server bellowed toward the Bishop that he would never return to serve the altar again… Here’s this from St. Ignatius of Antioch to contemplate:

    “Wherever the bishop appears, let the congregation be there also. Just as, wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church. It is manifest, therefore, that we should look upon the bishop even as we would look upon the Lord Himself, standing, as he does, before the Lord. As therefore the Lord did nothing without the Father, being united to Him, neither by Himself nor by the apostles, so neither do ye anything without the bishop and presbyters. Be ye subject to the bishop as to the Lord, for ‘he watches for your souls, as one that shall give account to God.’ In like manner, let all reverence the deacons as an appointment of Jesus Christ, and the bishop as Jesus Christ, who is the Son of the Father, and the presbyters as the sanhedrin of God, and assembly of the apostles. Apart from these, there is no Church. See that ye all follow the bishop, even as Jesus Christ does the Father, and the presbytery as ye would the apostles; and reverence the deacons, as being the institution of God. He who honours the bishop has been honoured by God; he who does anything without the knowledge of the bishop, does [in reality] serve the devil. Give ye heed to the bishop, that God also may give heed to you. Be ye subject to the bishop, to the presbyters, and to the deacons.” St. Ignatius of Antioch (“Epistle to the Smyrnaeans,” c. 105 A.D.)


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