Bishops Settle World Series Wager (pics)

2009 USCCB Fall General Assembly 

Archbishop Dolan (Yankees) vs. Cardinal Rigali (Phillies) 

Pre-Series chatter: Bagels vs. Tastykakes…

“These two long-time friends spoke on Tuesday evening (before the series began) to settle the terms of the bet. If the Phillies win, Archbishop Dolan will ship a dozen bagels to the City of Brotherly Love; if the Yankees prevail, Cardinal Rigali will send a box of Tastykakes to the Big Apple.”

The churchmen exchanged the usual jocularities, with Rigali expressing “great esteem for Archbishop Dolan” but adding: “We have the cream cheese ready for the bagels that I know will be arriving shortly after the Repeat in the City of Brotherly and Sisterly love.”

(“Sisterly” love? An oddly inclusive usage coming from Rigali, a member of the Catholic committee charged with producing new and literal — and decidedly non-PC — Mass translations that will arrive soon to a parish near you.)

Dolan in turn called Rigali “one of my closest and dearest friends” but then adding: “I know he has exquisite taste in most matters. I just wish he had better taste in baseball teams.”

H/T David Gibson

Post-Series humble kake…

Archbishop Tim Dolan of New York and Cardinal Rigali meet to settle a wager on the outcome of the World Series.

The terms of the wager were simple. If the Phillies won, Dolan would present Rigali with a box of bagels. If the Yankees won, Rigali would bring Dolan a box of tastykakes.

So Cardinal Rigali graciously presented — and Archbishop Dolan gleefully received — the tastykakes, which he made available to everyone.

Cardinal Rigali also presented Archbishop Dolan with a Phillies jersey …

… which Archbishop Dolan promptly inverted as a signal of distress.

Dolan also presented Rigali with a 2009 World Series champs jersey …

… which Rigali never did hold up for the camera.

Bishop Tod Brown (Angels) and Cardinal Roger Mahoney (Dodgers) were nowhere in sight…




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