Longest–most beautiful–new baby name ever!

Here it is, now, say it three times fast…

(Mr.) Kaikila Kamakanaiho’unamaikalaniakeakua Ripp


(Grandma Yvette and baby)

Beautiful Baby, Beautiful Name, All-Beautiful God…

Long time friends of our family Dion and Yvette Ripp are grandparents for the first time! Kaikila (Ocean Strong)  Kamakanaiho’unamaikalaniakeakua (God’s gift sent from above) Ripp was born to Nate and Janishya on September 10, 2009. Janishya’s family is practically all Hawaiian so the family names the middle name with a meaning.

Congrats to all families, and God bless you–K. K. Ripp.

ED. NOTE: The combox is open if anyone knows of a longer newborn name….



6 thoughts on “Longest–most beautiful–new baby name ever!”

  1. Lovebug35–

    I’m laughing right now. I tried for the better part of a hour, and came up with this…

    K.K. Ripp

    I just posted this, so I hope grandparents will fill us in soon. Check back.

    And yes, cute baby!!!

    Peace to you and yours,

  2. I’m a 1/4 hawaiian and i would love for my children to have long beautiful hawaiian names. How did you come up with yours? How did you research it so that the meaning was just right and there was no hidden alternative messages. I don’t want to accidentally name my child something i didn’t mean to. lol

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