Bishop Stupak Vs. Nancy Pelosi

His Excellency, Michigan Catholic Bishop Bart Stupak has made it clear to lay Catholic Nancy Pelosi concerning tax payer funded abortion within any health care plan, “no federal funding for abortions has been the law of the land since 1976, and the law should not be changed now…” Pelosi disagrees, saying she doesn’t believe her Bishop (Stupak) has clearly stated that position, but, that she wants to be respectful of Bishop Stupaks concerns, yet, respect full reproductive health care for America’s women…

Sound familar?

No, Northern Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak is not a Catholic Bishop, but he is a Catholic–in word and deed. And today he clearly outlined the position the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) should now take in regard to health care reform in America.

It’s time the USCCB insures against authentic Catholic social teaching being hoodwinked by Washington:

A letter officially declaring immediate USCCB non-support of health care reform in America should find its way to the desks of all lawmakers and the President of the United States; combined with stand down orders for all Catholic health care reform support organizations under the direction of the USCCB, or, associated with the Catholic Church.

Bishops and all Catholics, including Nancy Pelosi, should follow the lead of Bishop Stupak by demanding that health care reform include Hyde Amendment language protecting against federally funded abortions. Government can once again gain back our trust and full support for health care reform, beginning with a vote on the floor. Until then, its time for Bishops to vigourously oppose all reform…

We are, after all, talking about a holocaust of children here, gentlemen. 

Compare and contrast:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi– Wants federally funded abortions…      

Rep. Bart Stupak– “If you want to do health care, that’s one thing. But let’s not change the law on abortion…”



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