Attack on Pope — The Huff Posts’ conflicted Robert Lanham

Nothing new under the sun…


We’ve all seen it before: Kid raised in Christian family — Kid has moral doubts about his faith as a teen — Kid goes off to college — Kid is educated, yet, spiritually ignorant — Kid doesn’t know what to believe and drifts from the meaning of life — Kid loses faith — Kid permeated and enamored by his passing world  —  Kid becomes a numb prophet for the same world — Kid turns on Christianity and those who remained faithful — Parents and faithful continue to pray, (sometimes many years), for that interior conversion of heart and soul the Gospel calls for, which, the kid never knew…

Robert Lanham (The Kid) attacked Pope Benedict XVI yesterday in the Huffington Post:

In a move that surprised traditionalists, Pope Benedict XVI is openly courting Anglicans and rappers to join the Catholic Church in full communion. Members from both communities have voiced frustration over the growing acceptance of homosexuals and women as equals in their ranks.

“Allowing women and openly gay men to serve as bishops,” said Benedict, “is a betrayal of the traditional liturgical patrimony. It’s been very divisive for the Anglican Church. The same is true in the hip hop community where rappers are being pressured to abandon their orthodox views on b*****s, ho’s and queers,” said Benedict.

Benedict says disenfranchised rappers and Anglicans should feel at home in the Catholic Church given its unwavering stance on women and homosexuality.

“It is our intention to preserve the traditions of the Catholic Church and this includes keeping women and gays out of the priesthood. Anglicans can be assured that they can maintain their traditional liturgical practices, robes, oils and lotions.”

Responding to criticism that he’s out of step with the times, Benedict extended his invitation to the rap community using language that is most commonly associated with hip hop lyrics.

“Rappers can be assured that I won’t be hatin’ if they rhyme about ho’s and queers. I won’t be getting up on their d**k, no homo,” said Benedict.


Interestingly enough, the pastor of the Kids’ former church had this to say on ‘conflict and reconciliation’ this week: The Cross at the Heart of Our Conflicts  

As for the Huffington Post, it’s highly unlikely that they’d pull the vile and offensive material, let alone apologize to the Pontiff as rightly they should; so maybe, just maybe, Arriana–along with her editors–can snuggle up with Glenn Close and discover together that the loss of the sense of sin can also lead to mental illness… Which, I presume is the reason the article appeared on their pages in the first place.



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