For all the Catholic Jane Genovas’ of the world…

This from the Jane Genova blog:

Request from Recovering Catholics Anonymous [RCA]

In the media business, the first rule of commerce is to give readers more of what they want.  My reflections on a Roman Catholic girlhood and four years matriculating at what was then a woman’s RC college in Western Pennsylvania – Seton Hill– have generated a surge of traffic, emails, and phone calls.  We have come to think of ourselves as RCA: Recovering Catholics Anonymous.   We admitted that we were powerless over the hocus-pocus of our mystical youth and our hardwiring had become frayed. 

One woman, a retired Ph.D. biologist in Costa Rica, pleaded RCA is hardly enough and we need a more flamboyant approach to healing ourselves, e.g. an organization with a saint’s day, rules for fasting and penance, and a high dues.  She suggested it be baptized with the name The Sacred Order of the Blessed Vagina, in honor of the Virgin Mary.

I told her I would put this out there for your prayer and feedback.  You can confidentially reach me at

Remember: No matter how wounded you are, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen put it best: Life is worth living.


My response to Jane…

Sad and pathetic words, considering the underlying spiritual reality and meaning of baptism still rooted within your heart… A heart, as yet, unfamiliar with that deep interior conversion the Gospel calls for, and baptism supplies.

The water and blood of Christ is the very Divine Mercy of God you were once washed in as a babe. So, when the time comes, (and it will) consider Her who gave Him flesh and blood…

Have recourse to Her Immaculate Heart and you will quickly discover it is inseparable from the very Heart of God–the Creator. As it stands, your heart, which still bears the indelible divine mark (the door to paradise), is hardened by sin which obscures the vision of beatitude your soul thirsts for.

As a former enemy of Christ and His Church myself, the reason I write is so that you yourself will not share in the same regret I’ve known in offending such love and truth… Really, you have no idea what you are saying. Nor, do you know how beautifully you’ve been made.

The Heart of Mary, the Mother of Mercy, will show you if you allow; and you will never quit thanking God for the gift of Her “Yes”.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will open “the door” once again if you could humble yourself; and if not, at least begin by interiorly (yes, Mystically–spiritually) forgiving all those who’ve offended you by sin, along with those you’ve offended and then seek God with all your heart–sincerely–and he’ll meet you half way— But, what is not so widely known, is that the Great Mother of God is constantly upon the roads of this world in search of those Her Son has redeemed: including yourself…

From my heart to yours.
james mary evans


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