Breaking– Health Care Bill: San Antonio Abp. Gomez — ‘abortion in, we’re out…’

“We have no choice but to oppose the bill.”


San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez

San Antonio Archbishop Jose Gomez, who had been an ardent supporter of health care reform, is now urging Catholic lawmakers to vote against the proposal, because efforts to restrict use of funds to pay for abortions have failed, 1200 WOAI news reports.

“It seems that they are not going to do it, so we have no option but to oppose the bill,” Gomez said.

Gomez led a delegation of Hispanic bishops to Washington last month to urge Latino lawmakers to support a robust health care reform bill, and to broaden the bill to guarantee that coverage for illegal immigrants was included.

“The immigrants, legal and undocumented, we have to find a way for a safety net for them to be a part of the new reform,” Gomez said.

But two separate votes were taken in the Senate Finance Committee on language which would have specifically outlawed the use of any public or health care reform funding for abortions, and both votes were defeated, basically along party lines.

Gomez says although he supports the vast majority of the measure as it is written, he will encourage all Catholics, especially Latino Catholics in Congress, to oppose it.

“We have no choice but to oppose the bill,” he said.

“We will ask people to reflect on what it means, and we will keep asking people to continue the fight to ban funding for abortions.”

The White House says the measure in the Senate Finance Committee would not ‘guarantee abortion funding, but the independent ‘fact check dot org’ says the way the bill is currently worded, funding for abortions could not be denied.

SOURCE — Q 101.9



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