The Anglican Solution?

 Fr. Dwight Longnecker remarks below on reports that the Queen of England is disappointed with modernist moves within the Church of England and warm towards the Holy Father and Catholicism:

“Let’s face it, the Church of England is never going to roll over and submit to the Holy Father, but it would be rather nice if a conservative group were to split off, join the Catholics and have Her Majesty come long for the ride. She could repudiate her role as the head of the Church of England, and the Anglicans could elect Elton John to take her place. That way they could have everything they really want: homosexual marriage and an old English queen as the head of their religion…”



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4 thoughts on “The Anglican Solution?”

  1. You should know that a large group of Anglicans already tried to come into the Church, and they were stopped by the bureaucracy in the Vatican, maiinly Caspar.

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  2. Hi Kenneth–

    Thanks for responding.
    Could you elaborate on the Anglican group in question, and why they were prevented? Was it purely bureaucracy or other issues concerning faith and communion involved?

    Your reply seems to suggest an organized effort to block reception of Anglicans. Was this the case?


  3. James,

    This was written up in several Catholic blogs and I believe in the Wanderer.

    Yes I am implying such a conspiracy. Many of these men who wanted to enter were actually Anglican Bishops, but the ecumeniacs, including Caspar, blocked them from entry. “The truth shall set you free”!

    God bless, Kenneth Fisher

  4. I can’t believe you defaced a picture of the Queen, you bunch of idiots! God, have some respect for my country, American freaks!

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