Red Mass Arrest Video: Separation from church–by the state…

From Restore-DC-Catholicism:

“At today’s Red Mass, a woman who regularly attends St Matthew’s was denied entrance to Mass precisely because she’s pro-life!”


Today the annual Red Mass was held at 10am at the Cathedral of St. Matthew. It is held to commemorate the start of a new session of the US Supreme Court. Many priests and bishops concelebrate this Mass. As one might imagine, all sorts of dignitaries, mostly of a political bent, attend this Mass. Unfortunately many of these politicians, while Catholic, are also rabidly pro-abortion.

At 9am, approximately 20 pro-life activists gathered outside with posters showing the truth of abortion for three purposes. They were:

To educate the attendees of the reality of abortion

To urge pro-abortion attendees to repent of their sin of promoting abortion

To remind the clergy of their obligation under Canon Law 915 not to admit to Holy Communion those pro-abortion supporters who refused to repent of their sin

Most of the activists were constrained to remain across the street from the Cathedral. I was able to unobtrusively remain on the north side of the street to distribute flyers. All the Mass attendees were constrained to pass through metal detectors. While on one hand that was a strange infringement upon them, it did serve to make them wait outside. Even if they chose not to look at the posters across the street, they had no choice but to hear the pro-life exhortations of those of us who had bullhorns.

One of us, though, attempted to go in. She did so simply because she had to fulfill her own Sunday obligation. She simply wanted to attend Mass. Now as we know, all Catholics have the right to attend Mass provided they are properly disposed. Canon law 843 states this quite plainly.

She was wearing a pro-life tee shirt. At the metal detector booth, she was told – by Cathedral personnel! – that she couldn’t wear it at that Mass. She regularly attends that Mass, and has regularly worn that shirt on other days. Can you just imagine being told that you cannot go into Mass while wearing a pro-life shirt? Moreover, at that same Mass are myriads of pro-abortion honchos. Were the Cathedral personnel afraid that the pro-abortion attendees might be offended by one pro-life shirt?

She asked to speak with a priest about the matter and waited for a half-hour for a priest that never arrived. She then left the line, went to a hotel to remove the shirt and got back in line. Everyone in front of her was admitted into the Cathedral. Just by coincidence (ahem!) they shut off admission right in front of her. Needless to say, she was rightfully indignant about being denied entrance to Mass. This video depicts the absolutely disgraceful way this woman was treated. As the video begins, you will notice the pro-lifers on their bullhorns calling out to the clergy who are lined up outside, waiting to process into the Cathedral.

The video ends just before she was taken to a police station. A few hours later, she was released (and yes, she was able to attend Mass!). This faithful Catholic was treated like dirt while inside the Cathedral, Our Lord was likewise treated as His Body and Blood were distributed to those engaged in mortal sin.

Shame upon the Cathedral of St. Matthew! Shame upon the Archdiocese of Washington! In fact, double shame upon them both! They allowed the sin of sacreligious Holy Communion to be committed, and they attempted to keep a good Catholic woman from going to Mass.

Please contact both these entities. Ask that any charges against this lady be dropped, as they are ridiculous farces. In fact, ask that they apologize to her for violating her canonical rights as a Catholic in good standing.

Cathedral of St Matthew
Msgr W Ronald Jameson
1725 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone 202-347-3215
(by the way – they seem to have an “Always Our Children” group!)

Archdiocese of Washington
Archbishop Donald Wuerl
PO Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017-0260
Phone 301-853-4500

If you write, please send letters via “certified mail, return receipt requested”. Else, the letters will be lost! I’ll post updates




One thought on “Red Mass Arrest Video: Separation from church–by the state…”

  1. I was there and it was such a terrible disgrace ! I witnessed
    people going into church with inappropriate clothing, such as
    geans and shorts and yet when she went to the security they
    turned her away. She asked to see a priest and waited for
    a half an hour. She then changed her cloths into her St. Joseph
    the Worker Apostalate uniform and went to the security. There
    was a couple before her that passed through and yet when she
    approached she was turned away although she had taken off
    her PRO LIFE shirt. What is wrong with these people ? This
    was an order from those in power to disallow anyone from entering the Cathedral that had a pro life shirt on. Amazing ! People who are directly involved with the murdering and slaughtering of innocent children are given entrance and allowed to receive our most precious gift, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Body and Blood Soul and Divinity. What terrible treachory.
    God have mercy on our souls.

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