The Village Liar — Deliverance From Evil (Part 1)


Deliverance From Evil

by Vic Biorseth

213316660YCDPFI_fsDeliverance From Evil is not the first title chosen for this article; it is the third. When it started, the title was Deliverance From Obama; but then as I got into it, there came the realization that the problem did not begin and end with Obama.

So it was changed to be Deliverance From Marxism; but then there came the realization that the problem did not begin and end with Marxism.

So then it was changed to be Deliverance From Evil, because what is ultimately at stake here is our American national soul and the very nature of our nation. And with it, the immortal souls of millions who are being mislead, in opposing God, His Law, truth, science, nature, any fixed moral standard, and all that is good and decent in man, as created by the Father, redeemed by the Son and animated by the Spirit.

We are talking about direct opposition to Truth.

barack-obama-swearing-inWhat is being contested here is more than the very American Constitution Obama swore, falsely, to defend, and which Obama has repeatedly dismissed, ignored and violated. In the Constitutional America page we argued for the impeachment of Obama and gave our reasons. Since then, the situation has rapidly grown worse. In the arguments and following dialogues at “The Marxism of Obama”, against National Health Care and elsewhere we have shown the unprecedented trampling of the American Constitution by an American President.

We are mesmerized into thinking this is merely another political debate; a contention between Left and Right, between the conservative and the liberal political positions; even merely a contention between the two major American political Parties. All of that is true enough, of course, but it represents to our limited vision only the tip of a hidden gigantic iceberg. The problem is not merely Marxist opposition to free enterprise and liberty; the American political arena is loaded down with Marxists; Marxists predominate in the American classroom, the American newsroom and in American show business. There is more to this than mere Marxism.

The Clintons, the Carters, the Kennedys, the Kerrys, the Pelosis, the Reids and many, many others in high office are just as Marxist as the Obamas and the Gores; the only difference is that none of them have the guts and ruthlessness to push for tyranny in America as fast and as hard as an Obama or a Gore. The difference between, say, a Clinton and an Obama is that a Clinton would push gently and incrementally to eventually wind up in the same place. There is nothing gradual or incremental about what Obama is doing; he intends to get to absolute tyranny just as soon as possible. He will make it happen.

stalin_1212716cadolf_hitlermussolini (1)

213316660YCDPFI_fsLook back at the fearsome threesome that confronted human liberty and free commerce before and during World War II: Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. All were Marxists; all “developed” different forms of Socialism, all of which were in fact sham organizations of gangsters, common criminals and ideologue-dupes supporting absolute dictatorships, and all of which sought empire, and empire expansion through military conquest. All were, in truth, imperialists. The only question in any of their minds during that era was which one of them would ultimately wind up on top; utter ruthlessness mandated that only one of them would rule, and the others would die. Nothing has changed. Obama sees all political opponents as mortal enemies who must be dealt with sooner or later. The goal has not changed since World War II, and the goal is world conquest. I see little difference between Obama’s union thugs and his ACORN and other Communist organizers and Hitler’s brown shirts, SA and SS.

We are looking at parallel historical events.

SWITZERLAND-WEF-DAVOS-ECONOMY-BUSINESS-SOROSMany of America’s kinder and gentler Marxists are mere ideologues, what Stalin referred to as his useful idiots, who are convinced of the “truth” of the never proven and historically falsified theories of Karl Marx. They really, actually believe that Capitalism is a mere stepping-stone, or an evolutionary way-point in the inevitable and supposedly “natural” social evolutionary path to World Wide Communist Utopia. Since they believe it, and they believe that it is naturally inevitable, they see no problem with proactively helping it along a little.

That is a very serious and dangerous problem.

They firmly hold and believe an utter falsehood, which they see as good, and as the inevitable future, to which they want to contribute, and they actually feel patriotic about it. They want to do their part. Therefore, they will not only take advantage of any crisis to promote Marxism and attack Capitalism, but they will go so far as to encourage, create or induce social crisis for that purpose. Economic calamity is good. Health care elimination is good. Industrial collapse is good. All of these things help the cause of Marxism. Rampant unemployment is good. Social unrest is good. More unemployed and therefore more uninsured is good for the greater cause, for you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs, and the noble ends justify the regrettable but necessary means. They have completely bought into the Great Communist Lie.

They fancy themselves as forward-looking historians, who love history. But they only look forward, never back, which is the wrong way to look at history. Real history repeatedly disproves Marxist theory, and proves that Marxism lowers societies into degenerate barbarity. But today’s American Marxist only looks forward; past history is seen by them only through lenses clouded by the purposeful disinformation of legions of teachers and professors and newsmen and authors and publishers and filmmakers who are all, or predominantly, Marxist. I ask you, therefore, to take a hard, cold look at the barbarism of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Mao, from the viewpoint of the ordinary citizens who suffered under them. A true Marxist makes a very poor historian.

SolzhenitsynGulagMugshot1953I have said before that Communism = Fascism = Nazism = Marxism, and I said it with good cause. Any differences are noted only by the most pedantic useful-idiot “historians” who are convinced of the truth of Marxist theory; they can go into great detail when describing the differences between the terms. But the resulting tyrants of yesterday, and the would-be tyrants of today, don’t particularly give a damn what you call the movement that gets them to the top of the heap. They’ll pay lip service to whatever variant predominates to keep their useful idiots in the fold while they are still useful, but the real goal is dictatorship, pure and simple.

It’s all Marxism, which is to say, it’s all dictatorship. It is the purest form of authoritarianism, a tern which is demonized by all convinced Marxist useful idiots. Nevertheless, pure authoritarianism is the true unspoken goal of Marxism.

As stated above and elsewhere, there is not one iota of difference between Communism, Fascism and Nazism (German National Socialist Worker’s Party), as the terms are understood in contemporary English today. Later, I will include the terms Leftist, Liberal and Moderate in this list, for reasons I will then explain. My reason for the first statement is that all of these terms pretend to be unique variants or interpretations of Marxist organization, while all of them are, in actuality, pure dictatorships. Dictatorship is the first goal. Solidification of total power will follow, after which may come expansion, and empire. I still say it is all the same thing.

The German writer Peter Drucker once described Communism and Fascism as not being essentially the same thing, but that “Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion, and it has proved as much an illusion in Stalinist Russia as in pre-Hitler Germany.” [The End of Economic Man (1939), Page 230.] The difference is of importance only to the dim-bulb ideologues, or Communism’s Useful Idiots, who often become horribly disillusioned upon the discovery of the impossibility of the Communist Utopian dream, which most usually dawns upon them after it is too late to turn back. But, to the would-be Tyrant, such as Obama, there is no real surprise here. The goal for the would-be Tyrant is very simple: centralize all political power so that it may be seized, and then seize it. His whole, sole goal is to become dictator of a country. Expansion, opponents and Empire will be worried about later.

As noted elsewhere, the most typical philosophical Communist does not even know what he is. Many are they who have been educated (indoctrinated) by formal education and slanted news, history and even entertainment into believing that some part, any part, of Marxism is of some worth or value to man. And yet, Marxism is only successful as a tool of use to tyrants to enable them to more easily get on top of populations. Marxism’s success is as much due to popularity as a fad among elitist pseudo-sophisticates as it is to history’s great Marxist rulers. Marxism, on its own, is shear, unmitigated, indefensible stupidity. It is truly amazing that it has had such a long and successful run among supposedly advanced peoples.

213316660YCDPFI_fsAnd yet, as indicated at the beginning, Marxism itself is nurtured, nursed and fed by an underlying, foundational monster, which I shall call untruth, or, if you wish, evil. The two names are interchangeable. Marxism could not be accepted by any moral man, for Marxism is, obviously, immoral. The very notion that the ends justify the means is immoral. Before a man may accept Marxism, he must first accept basic, fundamental immorality. The immoral ground has been being prepared to that end for many, many decades now.



Ed. Note:
Provides a focus-point for Orthodox Roman Catholicism, Judeo-Christian morality, Western Culture, Representative Government, American idealism and Conservative values. It promotes faith, family, tradition and property. Emphasis is on ethos, critical thinking and reason.


One thought on “The Village Liar — Deliverance From Evil (Part 1)”

  1. Thank you. You expanded my thoguhts for me. Someone told me I couldn’t calll this administration both Nazi and communist as they are different ideologies. My thought was, “They are alike because they both have the same father, the father of lies.” When I wrote the White House to “turn myself in,” I addressed my letter to The Gulog or Gestapo, as I wasn’t sure which one it was..or a combination. It was the first time in America I’ve heard of a “snitch on your neighbor” scheme.

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