Animal House: About that $300 bed we bought you son for college…

What tha!!!?

The bed

Now we have a clearer understanding about why he wanted that firmer mattress…

Hmmm, what to do?

My wife, bless her heart, has for many years now had the uncanny ability to catch our kids in many , if not all, transgressions.

Tonight was no different.

If I’m not mistaken, the fellow above flashing the “Hang Loose” sign before his great leap would be one “Mad Max” from Hawaii. A fellow room mate and teammate of our son Parrish on the Pacific University Golf Team. The photographer we’re guessing is probably “Murphy”. (Oh yea, by the way Murph, thanks for posting these on FaceBook!!!). Geez…

ParrishParrish is nowhere in sight…

But, nonetheless, here’s a pic each of you scholars up around Forest Grove way should study REAL closely. The husband of a friend of the family whose promised to check in from time to time… He tells me, he knows a little bit about collateral damage. Or, was that collecting for damages? Ah…, He’ll let you know fellas when you see him… Until then, Hang loose gentlemen. Hang loose.

Vishnu's Husband



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