O’s Unemployment Stats: A rebuttal


The young man with the white sword will be leading future uprisings against the use of LIFETEEN within the Holy Mass.
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ED NOTE: This post is an Orate Fratres reply to e-mail concerning this previous post. The e-mail reads:

I find it hard to believe that even though this turd of an economy obviously was souring long before Obama took office, you and those like you (aka those who ignore imperical [sic] fact in favor of whatever they’re current beliefs may be) want to lay blame for they’re problems at the feet of a man who’s been running the country for 9+ months, while singing praises to the man who spent 8 years tearing down our economy. God gave us all brains. It would be sacrilege to let others do our thinking for us.

Please prove me wrong.

On the–politically subjective–reality that “God gave us all brains, and thus, it would be sacrilege to let others do our thinking for us”, I offer this for the sake of clarity before I begin:

Empirical numbers, or simply put,  6.1 is not > 9.7

Obama Unemployment Stats 2009: Jan- 7.6 Feb- 8.1 Mar- 8.5 Apr- 8.9 May- 9.4 Jun- 9.5 Jul- 9.4 Aug- 9.7

Bush Unemployment Stats 2008: Jan- 4.9 Feb- 4.8 Mar- 5.1 Apr- 5.0 May- 5.5 Jun- 5.5 Jul- 5.7 Aug- 6.1 Sep- 6.1 Oct- 6.5 Nov- 6.7 Dec- 7.2


Nonfarm payroll employment fell sharply in January (-598,000) and the unemployment rate rose from 7.2 to 7.6 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. Payroll employment has declined by 3.6 million since the start of the recession in December 2007; about one-half of this decline occurred in the past 3 months. In January, job losses were large and widespread across nearly all major industry sectors.

On “the economy obviously souring long before Obama took office due to the man (Bush) who spent 8 years tearing down our economy”:

Length of time the economy was souring beforehand is relative to your own personal interpretation. If you consider 3-4 months “long before” Obama came into office than I guess so. But, your premise that Bush spent 8 years tearing down the economy doesn’t hold water. I invite you to look at the entire 8 year Bush unemployment record [Bureau of Labor Statistics], which tells a different story than that which your portraying as destructive.

Note: I’m not an economist so I can’t give an expert explanation of all the varying factors affecting the economy. If these numbers are wrong, or, change due to circumstances, reexamination or the such, I’m open for correction.

The point of my original post was that “that change”we’ve heard so much about has yet to materialize despite all the promises. Yes, even after only 9 months–

It would seem that with all the excitement surrounding “the Coming” of Obama American business and enterprise would flourish. The reality, I fear, is that the free enterprise system (capital) abhors the stench of socialism’s long history of previous failures and death-dealing ways. And thus, we may be in for a very long bout with that one political slogan Obama did follow through with– Hope.

I hope not.

As for my current beliefs and singing praise to George Bush

I’m a single issue (Pro-Life) voter (12 years) and have no over-riding predilection for either George Bush or Barack Obama. Political parties for that matter. My vote goes to the party or person with the best chance to help end the curse of abortion in this country. Period.

Abortion policy in America is like this: I once worked at a psychiatric ward and one of my patients was having a particularly bad day. The man was struggling and irritated by spirits good and evil according to his pleas for help to me. I and others were treating his irritation, but policy in that asylum required us to restrain and sedate him lest he irritate other patients on the same floor. Real or deluded, sedated or not, the man still suffered under spirits both good and evil…

Abortion and abortion policy in America is the civil rights issue of our time, and supercedes in importance all social policies and programs simply because of its heinous nature.

Do I need health care? Yes.

Do I need a part-time job? Yes.

Can I support this President? No.


Because this deluded Christian president has no problem with allowing a baby born alive to be left alone to die without recourse to health care after having as its first world experience a failed attempt on its innocent life at the hands of an abortionist–the double jeopardy, if you will, of barbarism…

There are divine laws that supercede human law–killing children is one. 

Any Christian with a concrete experience and knowledge of the same Spirit of Love responsible for authoring the Gospel of Life, and thus his own conversion and salvation, understands that he’s experienced his or her own Creator and grows in knowledge and practices the Way of Life through the same love.

The practice and results of procured abortion are not only contrary to authentic human love of self and neighbor, but, contrary to the Creator and His Love for man on earth as well, and so finds itself in a position of extreme enmity with both. I align myself with two-thousand years of sound Christian teaching and practice by the one and same church on this shameful subject and dire reality…

And the overriding reality reveals that both men and women, including many of those publicly elected who call themselves Christians, are blind to, or simply just choose to ignore for the sake of human approval and gain, the truth of child holocaust in their time.

This is my unchanging belief my friend–It is better to be poor on earth, yet, rich in the things of Heaven… One is passing away, the other is not.

Grace. Blessings. Peace. To you and yours,




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