Prayer Need: A terrible fall in the family

Pray for us…


Editor Note: As many parishioners are already aware, Sue Peterson’s husband, Blake, took a terrible fall this week. I’ve been told that head injury was involved and that he required Air-Vac out of the valley. Sounds as if Blake is in pretty bad shape. Normally, Sue is the e-mail prayer chain person at St. Patrick of the Forest, but in her absence (and need) I’m sending along this intercessory prayer of Blessed John Licci for Blake, and of course, for Sue as well…

Blessed Licci is the Patron Saint of Head injuries. And more information on his life is found below.

I ask all my readers and parishioners of St. Pat’s to please join me in this prayer daily, and pass it on through your e-mail lists.

Thank you,


UPDATE: 09.12.09 — From the Family:

Blake was released from the hospital yesterday and is continuing recovery at home. Thanks be to God for the fall he took Monday as the head injury is minimal but allowed doctors to discover a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Head trauma was stabilized by Tuesday night and a pacemaker was implanted Wednesday.

“Thank you” does not begin to convey the gratitude and thanksgiving for the prayers offered on behalf of Blake and our family. The outpouring of love and support from our Church family has been overwhelming. Thank you for your hearts gifts.

Blessed John Licci: Intercessory prayer for Blake Peterson

Loving God, you made Blessed John illustrious by a complete self-denial and the utmost zeal for charity that he might reveal the mystery of your love to the poor. By following his example may we seek to please you and aid our brothers and sisters in Christ. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. – General Calendar of the Order of Preachers

John Licci is one of the longest living holy men of the Church. His 111 years on this earth in a small town near Palermo, Sicily, were filled with miracles. His mother died during childbirth, and his father was a poor peasant who had to work the fields and was forced to leave John alone as a baby.

One day, a neighbor took the crying baby to her home to feed him. She laid the infant on the bed next to her paralyzed husband, and he was instantly cured.

After the suggestion of Blessed Peter Geremia to enter religious life, John joined the Dominican in 1415 and wore the habit for 96 years, the longest known period known of any religious.

He was ordained a priest and founded the convent of Saint Zita in his hometown, Caccamo. The entire construction is a story of miracles, from the location of the site to the very last wooden beam. For example, a large ox-drawn wagon, filled with materials arrived at the site one day after the workmen ran out of materials. When roofbeams were cut too short, John would pray over them and they would stretch. There were days when John miraculously multiplied bread and wine to feed the workers.

When John and two other Dominicans were attacked by bandits on the road, one of them tried to stab John but his hand withered and became paralyzed. The gang let the brothers go, then decided to ask for their forgiveness. John made the Sign of the Cross over them, and the thief’s hand was healed.

His blessings also caused the breadbox of a nearby widow to stay miraculously full, feeding her and her six children, he prevented disease from coming to the cattle of his parishioners, and cured three people, whose heads had been crushed in accidents. Consequently, he is the patron saint of head injuries.

John was born in 1400 and died in 1511 of natural causes.



6 thoughts on “Prayer Need: A terrible fall in the family”

  1. What a great saint. I’ve never heard of him before. I prayed this prayer and am adding Blake to my rosary journal. May he receive the blessing of a speedy and full recovery and may Sue and his family be strengthened during this difficult trial.

  2. PRAYER……The best and only important armor. We will pray!
    Blessed Licci, 111 years on this earth? That says it all!

    We will storm heaven with intercessory prayers.

    D & M M

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