Confession with Sophia Loren: Sr. Louise Akers

Women’s ordination? I don’t know…, seems like in this case it would kinda be like entering the confessional and finding yourself staring point blank at Sophia Loren’s..., er, Sophia Loren.

From Erin Saiz Hanna


“Women rights is human rights”

So says Sophia Wisdom…

Sister Louise Akers (Left) refused to renounce false teaching on the ordination of women in Cincinnati.
Sister Louise Akers (Left) refused to renounce false teaching on the ordination of women in Cincinnati.

Erin Saiz Hannah is the Director of the Women’s Ordination Conference (WOC). Erin defended Cincinnati Sister of Charity Louise Akers this week after Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk revoked her privilege (Yes, privilege) to teach the Catholic faith in his diocese…[STORY HERE]

It seems Sister’s conscience has no room for settled Catholic doctrine.

Ms. Hannah called the actions of the Bishop “Bullying”.

A Wisdom Note: The real Sophia Loren has called for the beatification of Pope John Paul II (You know, that “institutional” bully Pope who confirmed that women can’t be priests). The faithful Loren has been quoted as saying:

“I jealously keep the memory of John Paul II in my heart. It is a daily memory. I went to the tomb of John Paul II in the Vatican to pay homage to him and pray, in order to show my great admiration and devotion,” the Daily Star quoted her as having written. “I also turned to him to get his benediction for my entire family at a particular moment,” she added.

Admiration? Devotion? Sounds akin to obedience, faith, hope, love…

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6 thoughts on “Confession with Sophia Loren: Sr. Louise Akers”

  1. It’s a more complex argument then the simplistic presentation in that article and quotes of Sr. Akers. She should read Sr. Sara Butler’s book, “The Catholic Presthood and Women…A Guide to the TEaching of the Church. She is of the Missonary Servants of the Blessed Trinity and a professor of dogmatic theology (Phd. & MA) at St. Jolseph’s Seminary in NY. She is a member of the Pope’s International Theological Commission and was recently a consultant theologian to the Synod in Rome on Holy Scripture. We in Alabama have had the privlege of hearing her speak on two occasions. As a Serran, promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life, I purchased and read the above named book. Interestingly there have been several woman theologians who have argued in favor of the male priesthood.
    The bottom line is that Christ did indeed chose only to have men priests.

  2. A lot of people agree with the idea of ordaining women. A lot of people disagree. The question is, does she not have a right her her opinion on the matter? Shouldn’t people be able to discuss woman’s ordination in a thoughtful manner without calling names and degrading each other?

    1. Hi Jonelle–

      Its not a matter of disagreement. Its settled doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church–Sadly people (men and women) are risking (and committing) spiritual suicide; travelin’ ninety-miles a hour down a dead end street–and there’s a concrete wall at the end: “Whoever hears you (the Church) hears me, and the Father who sent me.”
      Don’t be fooled Jonelle, the sexual revolution kicked the butt of the Catholic Church, as it did our own families in many instances–radical feminism becomes meaningless in the glory of God the Father–seek, see, find, and you won’t care about discussing anything other… Groups are organizing to attack the Church for “rights”. The problem is: If you kick the rock, you end up breaking your foot… Steer clear of this nonsense (defend your salvation.)

      Sorry, this is a bit rushed (speaking about women’s rights) my wife is pulling me out the door to go to yard sales–Now there’s a cause for you–free me Jonelle…

      love and sincerity,

  3. Are you saying that men are such weak creatures that the only thing they would be able to think of with a woman priest would be her […]? Your post certainly gives a clue as to why women are still second-class members of the Church.

  4. We read about people who feel disgruntled when they are not allowed into the priesthood which they feel called to.

    I have great respect and admiration for people like Louise Akers who refuse to go against their consciences.

    The best way to deal with the voices calling for opening up the Catholic priesthood, to a wider circle is to allow dialogue, discussion, good prayer and reflection.

    Mary, the Mother of Jesus might be a great teacher of how to understand what serving her Son is all about.

    I seriously wonder what Jesus would say to those who feel called to the priesthood but are not thought to be qualified to be part of the caste.

    May God open our hearts—and may the Holy Spirit, who is ever refreshing, and ever surprising continue to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously as the late icon, Cardinal Basil Hume, archbishop of Westminster used to correctly, and wisely advise. New life might then flow in, and the Kingdom of God —not our little kingdoms— might grow so much so that lots of birds might find a branch on which to perch.

    Aloysius Beebwa,

  5. Father thank you very much for touching message especially to people who would like to join Priesthood.
    I have read message and it has touched me especially about a good prayer and reflection.
    May almighty God continue opening your mind for us all to benefit.
    God bless you

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