Full Text — Pope Benedict XVI response to Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Letter

Pope Benedict XVI responded to Sen. Ted Kennedy’s letter.

The letter reads:

The Holy Father has read the letter in which you entrusted to President Obama, who kindly presented it to him during his recent meeting.

He was saddened to know of your illness and asked me to assure you of his concern and his spiritual closeness. He is particular grateful of your prayers for him and for the needs of our universal church. His Holiness prays that in the days ahead you may be sustained in faith and hope and granted the precious grace of joyful surrender to the will of God, our merciful Father.

Read Senator Kennedy’s original letter.

He invokes upon you the consolation and peace of our risen savior, to all who share in his sufferings and trust in his promise of eternal life, commending you and the members of your family to the loving intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Holy Father cordially imparts his apostolic blessing as a pledge of wisdom, comfort and strength in the Lord.




4 thoughts on “Full Text — Pope Benedict XVI response to Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Letter”

  1. notice the Pope’s response did not include the word “ABSOLUTION” which is heard in confession? Blessing can be given without “absolution”.

    1. Because, dunce, this was an exchange of letters, not the Sacrament of Reconciliation. That was a matter between Kennedy and his confessor.

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