Oregon Pro-Life Call — Medford Town Hall Meeting: Senator Ron Wyden at Lincoln Elementary School, Thursday, 08.27.09, 12:30 p.m.

Let’s convince this father that ALL children have a right to life and say NO to taxpayer funded abortion: HR-3200..


Hello, Pro-Lifers,

The issue of health care reform will be front and center in Medford on Thursday, as Senator Ron Wyden holds a Town Hall Meeting at Lincoln Elementary School.

When: Thursday, 8/27/09, 12:30 p.m.

Where: Lincoln Elementary School

3101 McLaughlin Dr., Medford (off Delta Waters Rd.)

HR-3200, the health care reform bill that is currently making its way through the House of Representatives, if passed, will usher in abortion on demand at taxpayer cost. There is good reason to suspect that the bill will also be a threat to senior citizens through “end-of-life planning,” as well as rationing.

President Obama, when asked directly if abortion would be covered, evaded the question. He knows that it will. This is because prior court decisions have said that abortion is covered unless specifically excluded. The proposed Hyde Amendment, which would have specifically prohibited tax dollars from being used for abortion, was struck down in committee on a party line basis. There is NO EXCLUSIONARY LANGUAGE in the current text of the bill. This means that abortion would be fully included in the proposed health care reform bill.

It’s reasonable to assume the Veteran’s Administration end-of-life planning book “Your Life Your Choices” is the blueprint for end-of-life planning in HR-3200. This book manipulates our sick veteran’s into questioning the value of their lives, based on a utilitarian model. “End-of-life planning” poses a threat to our elderly family members.

We ask pro-lifers to show up in force to defend the right to life of the unborn and the elderly. Jackson County Right to Life is a non-partisan organization, and we invite participation from those of all political persuasions in the defense of life.

Jackson County Right to Life


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