Oh, Baby…

One baby berry, two baby berries…


So, the secrets out…

And now the whole world knows, because, well, I’m all about babies (See: 5) and this site is visited by thousands… He-haw…

Congratulations Sharai and Alex. One baby berry is good. Two baby berries is great!!!

I wanted to send flowers this morning before leaving town, but, someone I know is a scheduling Nazi…

This sunflower is for you both– Love, Grandpa-Mama.




7 thoughts on “Oh, Baby…”

  1. Congratulations on your 2nd blessing!!!! We haven’t even been able to meet Bram, but I’m so happy for you that the Lord has double blessed you. I hope you’re feeling okay, Sharai! We’re expecting #5 Weigel baby in March, so I’m keeping you in my prayers and we’re long distance morning sickness sisters.

    God Bless,

    Amy, Michael, Mary, Claire, Margaret, Catherine and Baby Weigel

  2. hey all thanks for all the lovin! so happy to hear about#5 Amy! hopin for a boy?? im hoping for a girl haha
    anyways dad i love berries! there yummy

  3. Woo-Hoo !!!!!
    Who Loves Ya ?
    Godpa Loves Ya !!!!!!
    Perhaps a Lil Sister for Bram ?
    Or… Triplets ?… Just Kidding !!!!

    Love and Prayers Always… Godpa

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