Minneapolis tornado: ‘You know it’s bad when even Gaia says you’re not Christian anymore.’

Someone needs a hippie hug…

lg_029 Sac Grove

Cletus D. Yokel I owe you.

Cletus penned the funniest remark, thus far, on the freak twister that ripped through downtown Minneapolis yesterday, interrupting Lutherans as they met to officially declare themselves gay friendly.

Someone needs a hippie hug…

Apparently, I owe Terry Nelson over at Abbey–Roads as well some kudos for breaking the story first…


So another blog Orate Fratres picks up this story and it gets put on Spirit Daily this morning. Shouldn’t I have gotten credit? I posted late yesterday afternoon. Oh! Oh! But what if other people understood the significance of the event in the same way I did? I still feel snubbed. Maybe it’s because I make fun of Spirit Daily that they never pick up my stories? Maybe I should change my name to Terry Mary Nelson? [Well…, it does rhyme.] Maybe I should start promoting Medj? Nah!


I’m innocent. (Well, in this case.)

For the record: James Mary is my baptismal name, which, I proudly (and most thankfully) display here on my blog and elsewhere. I can safely state that I would not be Catholic today had the Mother of God not given me shelter in the depths of Her Immaculate Heart. A Heart united indissolubly with the Heart of the Son of God and Son of Man eternally…

The other option was certain hell.

Join me in giving Terry a real motherly hug, by reading his fine stories and blog here–of which, I’m a fan.



2 thoughts on “Minneapolis tornado: ‘You know it’s bad when even Gaia says you’re not Christian anymore.’”

  1. Sorry James Mary – My warped humor – I wasn’t feeling cheated – I normally raz Spirit Daily as the Catholic National Enquirer, I’m a blog not many people read and I was just making fun. I would be happy to have Mary in my name.

    I do indeed believe you are innocent. I noted many other bloggers with a similar story and I know no one got the story from me.

    To be honest, My thoughts regarding the tornado as a warning was my initial reaction to the news – your post and others seem to confirm the significance for me. I should have commented in that vein rather than be silly about it.

    So sorry if I offended you. Thanks for your kindness and the hug. God bless.

  2. Hi Terry–
    Note my comment on your blog–No harm , no foul.

    Question: Are you, and many of the posters on your blog from Minnesota?

    I know Ray is.

    I spent my Jr./High school days in Coon Rapids, Mn. which explains in part why I’m now on the West Coast… (allergic to snow and cold, at least at those levels….

    Let me know.

    Have the best day possible,


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