Catholic Coalition for Church Reform meeting: facilitating ‘dissipative structuring’ within the local church

“Claiming our place at the table!”


“Ah, hey…, anybody got a rope?”

The blog Liberal Spirit commented the other day on the recent monetary resuscitation of the dissident church group Voice of the Faithful, and afterword had this to say:

VOTF is one of the Catholic reform groups that is joining others under the umbrella “American Catholic Council.” Their first gathering is scheduled for Pentecost in two years, June 10-11, 2011 in Detroit.


The goal of the American Catholic Council, in simple terms, is to create and promote an autochthonous Church; a Church both Catholic and American modeled on, as ex-Jesuit Robert Blair Kaiser says, “the Maronites, the Melchites, the Byzantines, the Copts and sixteen other autochthonous churches in the Middle East that are loyal to the pope, but glory in their own governance, their own married clergy, and their own liturgies.”

Loyalty to the pope? Right…

beggarNever mind that America is at this very moment in history standing “ragtime” on the corner: morally, financially, and spiritually bankrupt, purveyor of child holocaust (abortion) at home and abroad, is owned part and parcel by Communist China, and flirting itself with the idea of actually accepting (or being force-fed) socialism as a way and means of American life, schismatics today want now to re-create an American Church with American values divorced from the Eternal City, Rome.

The truth be told, it makes sense from their point of view–that of the world.

Conveners of the American Catholic Council want an independent catholic church that elects its own priests and hierarchy, condones abortion, contraception, homosexual relations, married clergy, women priests, divorce and other so-called “radically inclusive (see: Imploded Episcopal Church) reforms.” But, the Bottom line of such heresy and schism–and sure warning for all faithful Catholics concerned for their eternal salvation and that of their families–is this:

They’re pressing to create a false Christ and false Church.

One such group under the ACC umbrella is the newly formed Catholic Coalition for Church Reform (CCCR) within the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

On Friday, April 17, 2009, a statement by the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis was issued concerning the “Catholic Coalition for Church Reform” (CCCR), which read:

“The “Catholic Coalition for Church Reform” is a self appointed group that is advocating changes that are in direct conflict with the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. This group has no affiliation with the Archdiocese or its parishes.”

Despite Archbishop Nienstedt’s notification to the faithful CCCR scheduled its second planning meeting on July 15th, at St. Edward Catholic Church in Bloomington, MN. It appears as if the meeting was moved from St. Edwards to another location because of lay contact with the Archdiocese protesting the group meeting on church grounds and its disobedience to the Archbishop. Yet, the meeting was held anyway.


A recap of the CCCR meeting is found here, but among the most telling of “how” the coalition will achieve its goals of re-creating a new ecclesiology in MPLS/St.Paul was offered up by CCCR co-chairman Bernie Rodel. According to Michael Bayly’s Post:

“Rodel observed that in the Church today we are witnessing (and, in many cases, participating in) “dissipative structuring,” a process by which a system (in this case the Church) lets go of its present form so that it can reorganize in a form better suited to the demands of its changed environment.

“Dissipative structures demonstrate that disorder can be a source of new order,” said Rodel, “that growth appears from disequilibrium, not balance. Disorder and disequilibrium are the conditions necessary to awaken creativity. Inherent orderliness will follow.”

Rodel concluded his remarks by observing that “events like tonight’s meeting, the ongoing meetings of the work/study groups, and next year’s synod are facilitating dissipative structuring within the local church. Such structuring will, in turn, foster the emergence of a collective creativity crucial for reform and the creation of a kin’dom centered Church.””

What? Yea, I thought the same thing. “What the hay is dissipative structuring?”

Here’s a quick rundown on the theory (see: gobbledygook) of dissipative structuring within organizations (in this case, how CCCR will be acting out within the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis):

There are four basic characteristics of dissipative structures, (think energy theory here) which define the elements of system–Catholic Church–transformation. These are:

1. Disorder and Disequilibrium – It is necessary for the system to generate sufficient disequilibrium (Disorder) within itself to create the degree of freedom within which the system’s change can take place.

2. Symmetry Breaking – For a new order to emerge, the old order must be demolished.

3. Experimentation – Breaking symmetry alone can lead to chaos unless it is also supplemented by activities which will generate new forms or configurations around which the system can reorganise.

4. Reformulation – The experimentation process leads to the development of new possible configurations, around which the system must reformulate.

To simplify further: Dissidents believe under this theory that it’s necessary to create disorder (chaos) within the Church because the divinely instituted hierarchical nature of the Church in the world must be destroyed in order for the body of Christ on earth to finally accept the spurious proposals and reconfigured “American Church” CCCR and the American Catholic Council offers…

There’s one big problem with this theory:

God is not a God of disorder but of peace… 1 Cor. 33


1. Don’t participate. Warn your family, friends, and fellow Catholics of the spiritual danger(s) involved in falling for propaganda (errors) coming from representatives of either the Catholic Coalition for Church Reform or the American Catholic Council within your diocese. Especially, be on watch for advertisements that promote “Synods of the Baptized” or invitations to meetings found within parish bulletins describing “Catholics coming together to dialogue on difficult Church issues…” This smokescreen tactic was used recently within a bulletin at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis.

2. Contact your pastor in person or by e-mail and (respectfully) inform him about the dangers CCCR and the American Catholic Council represent within the Archdiocese.

3. Contact Archbishop John C. Nienstedt by e-mail and (respectfully) inform him of the same here: <>

4. Pray for all those suffering from a spirit of constantly taking umbrage: with Church, Church doctrine, and defiance of divinely instituted authority–in this case, the Catholic Church and Archbishop Nienstedt.


HAT TIP: Madhukar Shukla ART: “The Writer”


One thought on “Catholic Coalition for Church Reform meeting: facilitating ‘dissipative structuring’ within the local church”

  1. Thank you James.

    Good report. You’re going to make my life easier as there are more people involved in wathing these heretics (or should I call them dissipative heretics)?

    I could have gone without the lecture in “energy theory”, though.

    These people are smart, they have skills, they are committed and they are out to do serious damage to the Roman Catholic Church.

    Another thing I can add to the description although I haven’t attended any of their meetings, they are old. Many of these folks learned their organizing skills in opposing the Vietnam War and getting their candidates elected to all levels of office.

    But few of them, if any occupy any positions of authority within the Church. Their impact will be on the Catholic in the pew when they begin holding their major meetings.

    You can be sure that the major media will cover those meetings heavily. They love conflict and photo opportunities.

    I suspect that one of the important roles that we can play during this planning process is to keep solid Catholic bishops, clergy, religious, thinkers, writers, speakers, etc, apprised as to what is going on and being planned and have them available to the press when these major meetings are being held.

    Thanks for being there, James.


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