Maria Valtorta Pray for us – Derailed train car explodes in Viareggio, Italy (Pics)

A gas explosion on a derailed train car has killed at least 10 people and injured another 50 in Viareggio’s city center…


Viareggio is a city located in northern Tuscany, Italy, and was home to Maria Valtorta, Catholic mystic and author of the controversial Poem of the Man God.

Maria_Valtorta_5The Valtorta residence is located at Viareggio, precisely at 257 Via Antonio Fratti, a long road situated in the centre of the city. The mystic/victim soul lived at the residence with her family from 1924 on to her death on October 12, 1961.

Here’s the Official Website for more information on the life and works of Maria Valtorta.

Photostream of the disaster: Here

Photo H/T Raben Deviaregia


2 thoughts on “Maria Valtorta Pray for us – Derailed train car explodes in Viareggio, Italy (Pics)”

  1. Please pray for those who lost their live in the explosion. Many Roman Catholics have been praying fervently for the Beatification and Canonization of Maria Valtorta, who we know must be a Saint. Her beautiful writings brought a personal relationship with God to countless Christians, what a wonderful gift she has given us!

  2. Yes,it is truth: a big disaster.
    But the gas-wagons, were 14 and only one fired !
    And under the railway station of Viareggio there is the main station of methane pipieline to serve the whole city.
    Viareggio risked to be fully canceled from geographic charts
    Maria Valtorta maybe couldn’t avoid the disaster, but minimise it !

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