Something is terribly wrong with this picture…

“…And at St. John’s, Valdosta.”


From Les Femmes – The Truth:

     “…Robert Kumpel, is a freelance investigative reporter and a home-schooling dad who used to live in California and did some great articles for the L.A. Mission and San Diego News Notes. He moved to Georgia and got into big trouble in his parish in Valdosta (St. John’s) for protesting the inappropriate behavior of his pastor with the office manager, a woman (Isn’t that a change?). To make a long story short, Robert ended up in court with a restraining order and was banned from setting foot in his parish. Valdosta, Georgia isn’t exactly a thriving metropolis and the next closest parish is an hour away. So now Robert, who has four young children, can’t go to daily Mass, can’t take his children for visits to Our Lord in the tabernacle, can’t be a member of the parish Knights of Columbus (or anything else) and is seriously inconvenienced even to go to Mass on Sunday. It has been a real hardship on this Catholic family.”

Get the full story at: Les Femmes – The Truth


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