Jesus Juice Video – Eucharist Desecration: Sign YouTube Petition

“If they hated me, they will hate you…”

Go Directly To YouTube Petition

 HT/Audrey Miller – America Needs Fatima

From the ANF website petition:

To YouTube:

Tens of thousands of Catholics have respectfully petitioned you to remove dozens of offensive videos showing the Holy Eucharist being desecrated on YouTube. These videos were pulled – thank you!

However, we are shocked to know that another video was posted (as of this writing) calledJesus Juice in which a Host is mixed and ground in a juice maker with fresh fruit.

In a mocking tone, the maker of the video tells viewers: “If you want to make this yourself at home, you might be saying – where can I find that secret ingredient? Well, I bet if you just think about it hard enough, you’ll be able to figure it out.”

This is unacceptable to me as a Catholic!

Moreover, it’s no secret that this video is deeply offensive to God and demeaning to Catholics and the Roman Catholic faith. 

I therefore urge you to pull the Jesus Juice video immediately and I will spare no effort in contacting my friends and family to protest YouTube for as long as it takes, until you have pulled this video, and no longer facilitate blasphemous postings.


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