Update/Prayers: Catholic father in search of sons murdered by ‘lynch mob’

 Fratres asks prayers for Kevin McDaid and family..

R.I.P Kevin McDaid


ED. NOTE: Our family will be offering prayers on Sunday during Holy Mass for the soul of Kevin McDaid and comfort of his family in Co Derry, Ireland; Mr. McDaid was senselessly murdered by a ‘lynch mob’ following a football game this past week. We ask all readers to pray with us as one heart in union with the McDaid family in this time of sorrow, and for the conversion of the culprits responsible following due justice…

The update follows: 

A CATHOLIC father of four has been murdered in what police say was a sectarian attack in Co Derry.

Mr McDaid (49) was reported to have been checking on his sons after disturbances broke out in the town following the final matches in the Scottish league involving Celtic and Rangers.

Nine men were arrested last night in connection with the murder.

Police are also investigating another incident close to the murder scene in which another Catholic man was critically injured. Detectives are treating the attack on 46-year-old Damian Fleming as attempted murder.

Sinn Féin and the SDLP said Mr McDaid, a voluntary community worker, was murdered by a loyalist mob.

He died when a number of loyalists from another part of Coleraine travelled to the Heights estate following the victory by Rangers in the Scottish league on Sunday.

Det Chief Insp Frankie Taylor confirmed the motive was sectarianism and said the victim was well known and well liked locally.

He added that Mr McDaid worked very closely with the police to try to improve the area.

“He has been described to me as a man who would do anything for anybody,” he said.

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said the loyalist mob “decided it was a good idea to attack a Catholic area” following Sunday’s football matches.

“I’m absolutely dismayed at this and I think at this very, very important time, it’s important that people in the community identify those responsible and co-operate with the police to bring those murderers to justice. Despite the enormous progress we have made over the recent past, sectarian hatred continues to blight many areas and loyalist paramilitaries continue to orchestrate sectarian violence,” he said. “We need to see clear and unequivocal condemnation of this sectarian murder from the political leaders of unionism from across the spectrum.

[Read The Fully Story]


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