In America: Fr. Norman Weslin “Why would you arrest a Catholic priest for trying to save a baby?”

Fr. Weslin dragged off to jail singing Ave Maria…

There are no words.


4 thoughts on “In America: Fr. Norman Weslin “Why would you arrest a Catholic priest for trying to save a baby?””

  1. Hello James,

    I apologize for taking so long to write back, it has been a really busy month and I have not been feeling well. We are expecting another little on this Christmas, and the morning sickness has been awful — but I am very thankful for it, since it is a good sign and I miscarried our last in the fall. Please remember our little one in your prayers!

    Here is the link to my husband’s website:

    It was great to meet you at Mass, and I hope we see you and your family again soon!

    God Bless, Jessica

    1. Jessica–

      No worries.

      On this day when holy priests of God are being dragged off to jail singing Ave Maria in defense of babies at “Catholic universities”, your reply touches my heart and reminds me of the precious gift that every child in the womb is… It also reminds me of the fragility and vulnerability of our own lives, which, of course, we entrust wholeheartedly without doubt or fear to the Truth of our faith–The Word, Jesus The Christ.

      We are hidden in Him and the Word will never pass away.

      My prayer for you at this evening’s Holy Mass:

      1. That your miscarried child will be a great intercessor before the throne of God on behalf of your family and the threatened unborn in this world.
      2. That the child presently in your womb will be especially chosen of God as a great instrument of holiness on behalf of souls and their salvation on earth.
      3. And as one well aware of the ravages of morning sickness (Dea’s), that you bear this cross (with a little relief every now and then) until it passes.

      On the site: I quickly looked it over and find it marvelous thus far, as yours is also– (Sorry, I played it safe there). I’ll be looking at it closer tonight with the intent to promote on Fratres—

      Condolences on the first, congratulations on the next–

      Grace. Blessings. Peace. Life.

  2. I cannot believe that a priest was arrested for standing up for innocent children being killed by the thousands every day in our country. I find this more that heartbreaking. I cannot believe this. When he said he was being arrested for standing up for babies and why was he being arrested, that it was backwards he was so right. I am ashamed of those police officers. Ya know, while they were arresting this poor helpless priest, a doctor at that very time was killing an innocent baby. DISGUISTING.

  3. I guess the post is too old and I’m already late to comment. Shalom to my fellow Brothers and Sisters in the mother Church. I think the university of Notre Dame shouldn’t be called a ‘Catholic university’ because they support abortion. They’re school president, Rev. John I. Jenkins should stop supporting abortion because it’s against the law of God [Dt. 5.17]. The university of Notre Dame should also stop supporting abortion because if they kept on supporting abortion, they don’t deserve to be a “Catholic university.” Tsk tsk tsk.

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