Mother’s Day vs. Non-Mother’s Day in America

Crowning Our Lady, the Mother of Life, on Mother’s day…


“There are times in the history of our nation when our very way of life depends upon dispelling illusions and awakening to the challenge of a present danger. In such moments, we are called upon to move quickly and boldly to shake off complacency, throw aside old habits and rise, clear-eyed and alert, to the necessity of big changes. Those who, for whatever reason, refuse to do their part must either be persuaded to join the effort or asked to step aside. This is such a moment. The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk. And even more – if more should be required – the future of human civilization is at stake.”

Al Gore on the dire threat of global warming

I stood up following the homily and applauded our 2nd year priest, Father Ron Nelson, during Holy Mass this weekend. I also bowed in reverence to his words spoken in persona Christi concerning societal forces who not only promote family planning (sic.) and population control, but also work to brainwash entire generations of youth  into believing such rubbish. Here’s the commercial Fr. Nelson used as his example:

It’s rare to hear words such as “condoms” (or, for that matter, any other means of child prevention) condemned from the pulpit. And I’m hoping that the small (but loud) smattering of applause from those who joined me was due only to the fact of the high retiree rate within our mission, surprise, or, reluctance to interrupt the mass, but I know better. For even Catholics have bought into the world of fear that leads their hearts into believing that “It’s the end of the world as we know it” by those who would control the earth for their own purposes…

Yea, “Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline…” Because:

The earth is not dying.

Our families are dying.

Mother’s Day vs. Non-Mother’s Day

The news from Sweden today portends what pro-life forces gathering at the University of Notre Dame this weekend understand may be the future fate of American children in the womb under the European-style socialism of President Barack Obama. The LifesiteNews headline reads:

“Sweden Rules Gender-Selective Abortions Legal”

Swedish health authorities have ruled that it is not illegal to kill a healthy unborn child based simply on its gender. According to Swedish law, abortion is legal on any basis whatsoever up to the 18th week of gestation, and therefore the board said doctors cannot deny a mother seeking to have an unborn child killed because it is the wrong gender. A medical ethics consultant told The Local (News source) in March that mothers regularly travel to Sweden from Norway, where sex-selective abortions are illegal, to abort unwanted girls…

Think about it.

Another sad reality due to fear and selfishness propelling this anti-child culture was brought home to me following Mass by a Catholic mother. She reminded me of our shared experience of being chastised by the same culture for having more than our recommended 1.5 children. For any Catholic father or mother who has followed the moral teachings of Christ and His Church, (and having been blessed with more than the “sustainable norm” of children), knows full well the heartache following comments and suggestions by the same society after announcing a new pregnancy–even from friends and family members. browbeater’s such as:

“What? Haven’t you heard about birth control?”

Or, the less intrusive but no less offensive quip,

“Is that “it” for you guys?

My wife and I have heard worse. And some much too inappropriate for print here. 

So I say, again, “Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline…” Why?:

Well, because I happen to agree with Al Gore on this one portion of his statement:

“There are times in the history of our nation when our very way of life depends upon dispelling illusions and awakening to the challenge of a present danger.”

Yes, Mr. Gore, dear prophet of fear, but:

The illusion is that the earth is dying–

It is not.

We must awaken to the challenge of a present danger–

And we do. Because we’re all too aware of the cost associated with men who have always sought to control the earth for their own selfish purpose and the danger their “alternatives” represent on the road to a “Final Solution…”

On this, I decline.

I am thankful for Fr. Ron Nelson’s courage, the gift of his priesthood, and the Spirit of Love that enabled him to reveal the mysterious truth of the Creators way of life-giving, and as source and origin of the dignity of motherhood through the Word made flesh.

Well done, Fr. Nelson. 

Ironically, my Grandson is screaming. (Although, not for sweeties…) I highly recommend this post over at Les Femmes entitled, What do you get for your investment in parenthood?


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