Fr. Carmelo Mifsud Tribute: 50 Years of Faithful Service to Holy Mother Church

On March 14, 2009 Fr. Carmelo Mifsud celebrated 50 years as a priest of God.

Fr. Carmelo Mifsud, is from the Island of Malta, and was one of 21 children. 15 of his brothers and sisters died in infancy and only lived the longest up to 2 years old. That is hard to believe, how his parents buried 15 of their children. Of the 6 that lived, 5 are still alive today. What a family..

It has been our priviledge to have Father “retire” in So. Oregon at Sacred Heart parish, in Medford. He is one busy priest as it is and this is his retirement. We are so grateful for the loving sacrifice of his life and that he is still giving of himself. We are blessed to have Fr. Carmelo and pray Our Lord continues to grant him good health of mind and body as he continues to serve Holy Mother Church. 

Here is a beautiful video including a collage of his life and ordination, honoring a well beloved priest, and thanking God for his faithfulness for these 50 years. Fr. Carmelo just celebrated his 50th Anniversary of his Priesthood in the same cathedral he was ordained in with remaining members from his ordination class in Malta.



Video: Sacred Heart/Story M. S.


2 thoughts on “Fr. Carmelo Mifsud Tribute: 50 Years of Faithful Service to Holy Mother Church”

  1. Hi I am interested in getting ahold of father Carmelo mifsud. He married my grandparents 60 years ago and am trying to see if he would be able to attend their 60th anniversary party to renew their vows for them. Email me back at ashleypointes07@yahoo.comlease. Thanks so much

    1. Have sent inquiries Ashley. No response yet. Plus, You might want to try contacting Sacred Heart in Medford, Oregon. Seems to me that he was there for some time before his retirement. Editor.

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