There Will Be Weeping And Wailing After School Lets Out Today: Mokie the Christmas parakeet has died…


I didn’t think I’d cry, but I am…

Mokie, my daughter Hannah’s “Christmas parakeet”, just died…

Mokie was Hannah’s “Big” Christmas gift this year. And she loved him as much as her little heart could.

The trouble started last Sunday, Mercy Sunday. The bird was obviously laboring. And the family consensus was that it wouldn’t be long for the bird to expire. Hannah crumpled in my arms in tears and was for a time unconsolable… But, the bird didn’t die after the first day and we went into emergency mode.

The second day brought no change despite the efforts of the family, particularly, Grandma Francy, my wife Dea, and Hannah’s sister Sharai. Instead, again, things looked like they were getting worse–3 flopping episodes in the cage and 1 as we treated the bird.

Mokie was a fighter.

Mokie and Andrew

We thought there was hope. Grandma took Mokie to the Vet in town, but the Vet did not treat birds. All the information we gathered said antibiotics and we did that. All the while mokie would fall time and again, regain his balance, eat millet, and slowly reclimb the wire cage up unto his perch.

The third day no change. More antibiotics, a place in the sun by the window…

Mokie was a fighter up until the last moment.

I was fixing a bottle for my Grandson Bram, there was movement over in the cage, and I witnessed the final throes. Mokie the Christmas parakeet stood once more, and then fell for the last time…

No, I didn’t think I’d cry, but I still am…

There will be weeping and wailing in my house when school let’s out today…

Pray For Hannah. Thanks.


5 thoughts on “There Will Be Weeping And Wailing After School Lets Out Today: Mokie the Christmas parakeet has died…”

    1. Thank you Esther–
      I met the little one halfway down the drive from the bus. Tears mixed with a Hail Mary and Our Father…
      A follow up promise tonight for Dad/Daughter ice cream date will help…

      Yours with prayers as well…

  1. I’m so sorry Hannah,
    I know you must feel terrible but just remember that Mokie
    was a Christmas parakeet and that means that Mokie gets
    to sing with the Choirs of Angels in Heaven, and maybe even make it to “First Perch”
    I love you sweetie… just try and remember all the
    Love and Joy that Mokie brought all of you !!! 🙂
    Love and prayers always… Godpa

  2. Dear Hannah,
    I’m sorry that Mokie died. It’s sad to lose someone you love. Was it your job to clean the cage? We had a bigger bird for a few years and sometimes I didn’t like cleaning the cage.
    I’ve never seen a blog before. This is interesting.
    Love & prayers for you,
    Diane Chirrick from church

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