St. Paul/Minneapolis – Archdiocese Warns Faithful on Self Appointed “Catholic Coalition for Church Reform” Group

Protect all that’s true and beautiful–The Church

St. Paul Cathedral
St. Paul Cathedral

Kudos to Archbishop John Nienstedt and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for their faith–and its defense. The newly formed Catholic Coalition for Church Reform has been formed in order to undermine the Roman Catholic Church. The purpose of this local reform group is to advocate, promote, and organize for the upcoming American Catholic Council tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2011. For the sake of your spiritual life in the Love of Christ and the promises He offers, avoid this group and the false promises of the spirit that drives the ACC–warn both family and fellow Catholics alike to avoid this group.

Please join me in praying for these children of God who’ve allowed themselves to be led about by a spirit opposed to both the Church of Christ and His Gospel…

You can find more information on the dangers of the ACC: Here

The Statement Follows:

Statement by the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis on “Catholic Coalition for Church Reform”


The “Catholic Coalition for Church Reform” is a self appointed group that is advocating changes that are in direct conflict with the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. This group has no affiliation with the Archdiocese or its parishes.



3 thoughts on “St. Paul/Minneapolis – Archdiocese Warns Faithful on Self Appointed “Catholic Coalition for Church Reform” Group”

  1. Father Tedeger the pastor at St. Edwards is a renegade priest, He was the main source of the petition to Archbishop
    Harry Flynn to allow priests to marry and to allow gay
    unions to be blessed in the Catholic Church. After Archbishop Nienstedt was appointed he spent several months writing letters to the Minneapolis Star Tribune speaking in a negative manner about the newly appoined
    replacement for Archbishop Flynn. It would be a waste of time to contact him about the matter in question because in all likelyhood he is up to his eyeballs in this. Archbishop Flynn allowed him to get away with to many objections to what the Church teaches.

  2. I am sorry you are so afraid people engaging in prayerful honest questioning. Some of us do not think it is blindly follow whatever the current leaders of the Roman Catholic church decide what is right at this moment in history to be a true Catholic. Faithful dissent has been as important part of helping the Catholic church find the right path for the last 2000 years.

  3. What would Jesus do? He was Inclusive !!

    Most Catholic Religious Leaders seem to have completly forgotten the message of Jesus, if fact his message is ignored.

    I am a 13 year Catholic School Grad (St. Agnes). I attend church every Sunday but not at St. Agnes.

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