Notre Dame Football and the Great Catholic Awakening


OUCH!!! Lamb’s bite…

Fr. John Jenkins
President, University of Notre Dame

Dear Fr. Jenkins,

I was greatly encouraged to learn that Barack Hussein Obama will be the commencement speaker and receive an honorary degree at the upcoming Notre Dame graduation.

Most Catholics were fast asleep when you Modernists tried to steal the Mass and Sacraments from us and replace them with the Novus Ordo and sex education back in the sixties and seventies.

Most remained asleep when guitars and drums replaced Gregorian Chant and organ music. They yawned at the clowns and the dancing girls.

They had no idea that Augustine, Aquinas, and Aristotle had been displaced by Kant, Hegel, and Marx–most had never known the Faith beyond the Baltimore #2 level–the only saving grace is that they have not learned the Modernist theology any better.

They slept through the wreckovation of their churches, as they were made over to look like Quaker meeting houses, Masonic temples, and starships from the future.

They remained numb as the uplifting translations of Father Lasance and Dom Gaspar Lefebvre were replaced with the banal and often inaccurate translations of the ICEL.

They woke for a moment or two when they learned that their sons had been raped, the collection baskets looted, and their churches sold to pay off the victims–but either returned rapidly to sleep or just went away.

But now comes the great awakening. Every Catholic knows Notre Dame–for Notre Dame is synonymous with FOOTBALL ! And FOOTBALL is the one thing that the mind numbed victims of modern education care about. By bringing Obama to Notre Dame you will disgrace something more important than your formerly Catholic university–you will disgrace FOOTBALL–and if anything can wake up the sleeping faithful it will be this ultimate sacrilege–the disgrace of the beloved game for which many of them spent four years in very expensive “education.”

Sincerely yours in Christ
/s/ Rev. Fr. Charles T. Brusca

Editors Note: E-mail forward. H/T M. S.


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