Pope Benedict XVI Under Attack From Condoms: A Catholic Response – Prayer

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Another view of Pope Benedict XVI’s mission to Africa–

Many journalists tell you: ‘we want to report the other visit’. My dear friends the journalists: the Pope’s meeting with the People that is the visit! Come and see and report the other things during the year (you forget us most of the time). In fact no government, no organisation has ever in the course of history been so close to the poor and to those who are suffering as has and is the Church and its Institutions.”  

Fr. Filiberto Rodríguez, Superior of the Salesian Vice-Province “Mamá Muxima” (ANGOLA) 

According to der spiegel: “When Benedict XVI travelled to Africa, the continent worst-hit by AIDS, he stumbled, once again, head first into an international controversy. His remarks that condoms were not the answer in the continent’s battle against the killer virus sparked vociferous criticism from experts and politicans alike.

Now that anger is being expressed in an unusual way: An Italian group on the social networking Web site Facebook is urging people to post condoms to the pope in protest over his remarks. It expects 60,000 subscribers will send a condom to the Vatican on Friday…”


vignetta1It is not enough that the Vicar of Christ is found to be under attack, but, Christ Jesus too is under attack, fulfilling His words even today, “If they hate you, know that they hated me first…” This was shown earlier in the week with the release of this garbage cartoon to the right entitled:

“After the multiplication of the loaves , the multiplication of the condoms.” 

Hatred of God and Our Response – Prayer

Now, what we know about hatred of Christ is this– In the end, all souls will realize that “They hated him without reason”, for he is the mercy of God personified for the sake of all men… And again,“they will mourn over him” as they will have “looked upon the one whom they have pierced…”

With all this in mind, it is my hope that you will join me through prayer in union with the Mother of Divine Mercy in helping to refresh our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI in his mission to the world in this difficult time, as we pray also, and most especially, for all persecutors of Christ, His Vicar, and the Church found in the world.

A Prayer To The Divine Mercy at the Hour of Great Mercy – At 3pm each day recite the following prayer beginning today Friday, March 27th, 2009, through to 3pm, Good Friday, April 10th, 2009:

To the Mother of God,

O Mary, my Mother and my Lady, I offer You my soul, my body, my life and my death, and all that will come after it. I place everything in your hands. O my Mother, cover my soul with your virginal mantle and grant me the grace of purity of heart, soul, and body. Defend me with Your power against all enemies, and especially against those who hide their malice behind the mask of virtue… Fortify my soul that pain may not break it. Mother of grace, teach me to live by God’s power.

O Mary …a terrible sword has pierced Your holy soul. Except for God, no one knows of Your suffering. Your soul does not break; it is brave, because it is with Jesus. Sweet Mother, unite my soul to Jesus, because it is only then that I will be able to endure all trials and tribulations, and only in union with Jesus will my little sacrifices be pleasing to God. Sweetest Mother, continue to teach me about the interior life. May the sword of suffering never break me. O pure Virgin, pour courage into my heart and guard it.

Editors Note: As a former enemy of Christ and His Church myself, I have come to learn–and experienced personally–that it is absolutely true what Fr. Rodriquez spoke above concerning the Church and her advocacy for the poor. And it should be widely known that:

[In fact…] no government, no organisation has ever in the course of history been so close to the poor and to those who are suffering as has and is the Church and its Institutions.” As it is so much more with Christ Jesus…

james mary evans 


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